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"Where to find contingency planning & business continuity software solutions"

Business continuity management and contingency planning are of course essential and unavoidable tasks. However, the creation of a sound continuity and contingency plan is a complex undertaking, involving a number of stages and discrete activities.

For example, initially it is necessary to understand the underlying risks and the potential impacts of disaster.... these are the building blocks upon which a sensible business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan should be built. Then the plan itself must be created... which of course is far from trivial. Then there are the maintenance and testing phases, to ensure that the plan remains current. Even having arranged all these matters there is audit to consider - and of course, there is the not so small matter of ISO27001!

Contingency Planning & Business Continuity World is designed to consider all these stages and to catalog some of the most highly acclaimed support products. Here you will find software to assist with business impact analysis and risk analysis. You will also find links to products to help you create and maintain the plan itself, as well as audit the plan and the arrangments in place to support it.

Whether you are entirely new to business continuity management, or whether you have a published and established contingency plan already in place, hopefully we can offer significant value.

contingency planning Business Impact Analysis

The first step in a sensible business continuity planning process is to consider the potential impacts of each type of disaster or event. This is critical - how can you properly plan for a disaster if you have little idea of the likely impacts on your business/organization of the different scenarios?

contingency planning Contingency Planning Template / Software

Creating the business continuity plan itself is far from a trivial undertaking. Every aspect of the plan must be carefully managed to ensure that it does not fall short when most needed. Fortunately, there are tools available to help... perhaps the most impressive being the BCP Generator. This is essentially an intelligent disaster recovery plan template and guide, greatly simplifying the entire plan creation exercise.

business continuity Contingency Audit and Assurance

Having developed the business continuity plan, it is sensible to perform an audit... not just initially, but at regular intervals. This helps ensure that it remains current, and that it stands up to rigorous examination. Equally important are periodic checks on 'business as usual' contingency practices.

risk analysis Risk Analysis

Having determined the impacts, it is now equally important to consider the magnitude of the risks which could result in these impacts. Again, this is a critical activity - it will determine which scenarios are most likely to occur and which should attract most attention during the planning process.

Disaster Recovery Service Level Agreements   /   Books

Service level agreements are an important part of business continuity management. This section explains their role and gives direction on SLA development. We also offer a section of general business continuity books and publications.

ISO 27001 ISO 27001

ISO 27001 requires appropriate business continuity and contingency planning.... and compliance with this internationally recognized standard is growing in importance.

But how do you achieve this? How do you manage the compliance process? How do you know where you stand in relation to the demands of the standard?  

business continuity Further Information

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