2009 Kunming sexy underwear show

Luocheng Dream Funny Underwear Show appeared in Kunming!

In 2009, in the shopping mall in Nanping Pedestrian Street, Kunming, a grand erotic underwear show was held- "Luocheng Dream Funwear Underwear Show".

1. The background of "Luocheng Dream Funny Underwear Show"

The sex underwear show was co -organized by the United States L’Oreal Biotechnology Company and Kunming Liren Trading Co., Ltd., and invited dozens of local models and actors to show the company’s various sexy underwear.

Second, the theme of "Luocheng Dream Funny Underwear Show"

The theme of the sex underwear show is "Luocheng Dream", which aims to show the sexy and charm of modern urban women, and at the same time show the diversification and market prospects of sexy underwear.

Three or four classic sexy lingerie series debut

This sex underwear show covers the company’s four classic sexy underwear series: beautiful angels, beautiful witch, pure school flowers, and happy brides. Each series shows different design styles and fun underwear functions.

Fourth, eye -catching high -definition LED screen and sound effects

The on -site LED large screen shows the picture of sexy underwear, creating a high -tech atmosphere. At the same time, it is matched with professional sound effects to enhance the audience’s sensory enjoyment.

5. The figure of the model

The models of the sex lingerie show this time are sturdy and graceful, showing a perfect figure curve, with sexy lingerie, which is more sexy and charming.

6. Pink is the main color

This sexy lingerie show is mainly pink, creating a romantic and warm feeling, which meets the psychological needs of women and strengthens the attractiveness of the product.

Seven, excellent marketing strategies

The success of this sex lingerie show is inseparable from the company’s excellent marketing strategies, and fully considers the needs of the target audience. Through the form of a sexy lingerie show, potential consumers understand the performance and use of the product more deeply, and improve the productReputation.

8. The prospects of the future sex underwear industry

In 2009, the demand for sex underwear markets increased rapidly, and the market space was huge.In the future, the prospect of the sexy underwear market is expected. For entrepreneurs and investors, it will be an investment direction that cannot be ignored.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear, as a supplies that can improve the emotional and sexual life of couples, have a broad market space and considerable development prospects in the future. Entrepreneurs and investors should actively seize opportunities and continue to launch market competitive sexy underwear products.

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