Can I bring a fun underwear by a plane?

The rules of sexy underwear and airlines

With the improvement of modern people’s living standards, sexy underwear is popular.Many women will consider bringing their sexy underwear to increase their journey before traveling; how can they carry sexy underwear for those who take planes?The following will give you a detailed analysis.

Is sexy underwear considered prohibited products?

For airlines, the items existing in private items of passengers will be included in a separate list, and some of them may be prohibited products.So, will sexy underwear be considered a prohibition?According to airlines, sexy underwear does not belong to the category of prohibited products.

Falling underwear on checked baggage or carrying it with you?

After preparing to carry a sexy underwear, the passengers will consider whether they are placed in the checked baggage or carry it with them?Interest underwear belongs to a personal item, so it can be carried with you.However, in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, you can put sex underwear in your own portable luggage.

How much should the number of erotic lingerie be mastered?

Airlines stipulate that the number of items carried by passengers is limited.The same is true for sexy underwear.To bring fun underwear, the number should be mainly based on actual needs.Generally speaking, 2-3 sexy underwear is enough.

The packaging method of sexy underwear

In order to prevent the privacy of sexy underwear, the packaging method should be paid special attention.It is best to choose a sealed packaging or plastic bag.This can not only protect sexy underwear, but also prevent sexy underwear from being polluted by other foreign objects.

What do you need to pay attention to sexy underwear with a plane?

Before preparing to get on the plane, passengers with sexy underwear need to make the following points:

Determine the number of sexy underwear

Familiar with the provisions of the airlines on the airline

Choose the packing method

Carry with you and keep it secret

What are the problems when passing security checks?

When the security underwear is passed through the security check, passengers need to be prepared to be recognized, and they also need to pay attention to the following points:

Put the sex underwear in a transparent plastic bag in a transparent plastic bag before the security check.

During security checks, it is natural to perform, do not have too much nervousness

If you are asked by the security inspector, please tell the truth in the truth, don’t have too much explanation

Please do not put the sexy underwear in the checked baggage to prevent illegal disassembly

What is the significance of sexy underwear with a plane?

For some women who love sexy underwear, bringing sexy underwear and ordinary underwear is a different experience.During the journey, bringing sexy underwear can bring unusual feelings to women, conduct sex games in different places, increase the fun of sex, and increase emotional interaction.


Although you can bring a fun underwear by plane, there are some places to pay attention to the plane with sexy underwear.For female passengers, we must take care of their own feelings, but also comply with airline regulations and security requirements, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble.Therefore, when carrying and using sexy underwear, it is necessary to notice the regulations, security requirements, and personal privacy of airlines.This article has interpreted it in detail for you, hoping to help you.

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