Do you wear shoes and shoes?

Do you wear shoes and shoes?

Do you wear shoes and shoes?

Sexy underwear is not a strange thing for modern women.Putting on unique underwear can allow women to rejuvenate from the inside out and also meet their private needs.So the question is, do you have to match when wearing a sexy underwear?This is not a simple question, and the following will be answered one by one.

Do I need to wear shoes with sexy underwear?

First of all, it is clear that wearing erotic underwear does not need to consider as much as pairing shoes.Interest underwear does not have the same importance as shoes, so it does not need to be very consistent. Simple combination is sufficient.Some sexy underwear is actually designed to be worn independently, which has nothing to do with shoes.

Do you need to consider shoes with a skirt with sexy underwear?

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If the sexy underwear is worn in a skirt, the situation will be slightly different.The style of the skirt and the style of the shoes need to be matched, so as to make the overall harmony.The style of sexy underwear should also consider the matching with the skirt, and the choice of shoes can be selected according to the color and style of the skirt and sexy underwear.

Which erotic underwear needs to be paired with shoes?

If you choose bold sexy underwear, such as lace, transparent or restraint, then it is important to match the corresponding shoes.These styles of sexy underwear often need to be matched with high heels or colorful high socks, because these shoes and socks can improve women’s sexy temperament.

Do you need to consider shoes with pants with trousers?

When wearing trousers, sexy underwear with shoes is not so important.You can choose low -heeled shoes, or other common shoes.In short, shoes do not need to be too fancy, so as not to conflict with sex underwear.

The color matching problem of sexy underwear and shoes

Color is the most important part of matching.If the color of the sexy underwear itself is very eye -catching or obvious pattern, then it should be very careful with the color of the shoes.You can use shoes of the same color to match, or choose a shallow or darker shoes to reduce visual conflicts.

The style of sex lingerie determines the choice of shoes

Different styles of sexy underwear need to be paired with different shoes.For example, sexuality and fun underwear can be paired with high heels, while comedic high -kick shoes and long boots need to be paired with more romantic underwear to be harmonious.In order to consider these two factors, we can make the wearer look natural and comfortable.


Different shoes need to be selected in different occasions

The occasion of sexy underwear is very important.Different occasions need to choose different styles of shoes to appear more tasteful.For example, you can choose a relatively gorgeous shoes at the dinner, and you can choose a more fashionable shoes to participate in the party, and you can choose more comfortable slippers or flat shoes at home.

Paired with sexy underwear shoes do not necessarily require high heels

Regarding the matching of sexy underwear and shoes, many people think that high heels are the only choice.This is not the case. Flat shoes can also be matched, which can make women feel more natural and comfortable.

Choose different colors of sexy underwear and shoes with different skin colors

Skin color is an important factor affecting the matching of sexy underwear shoes.Asian women should choose cold colors such as black and pearl colors, while white women can choose more warm colors.Women with pale skin can choose more saturated colors, while yellowish skin needs to avoid too bright colors.

in conclusion

In fact, wearing a sexy underwear does not need to match the same match as wearing shoes.The important thing is to know how to choose suitable sexy lingerie styles and shoes style. Different styles are used in different occasions, and the style and color are selected according to your physical conditions.The most important thing is self -confidence. You don’t need to worry too much about the eyes of others. Wearing your own style is the best match!