Sexy lingerie navel picture Daquan

Sexy lingerie navel picture Daquan

Sexy lingerie navel picture Daquan

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a unique design, bright color, and special underwear, mainly designed to increase sexual interest.It can not only meet the needs of the wearer, but also increase gender stimulation between husband and wife.

Sending lingerie category classification

Sex underwear umbilicals include many different styles, the following are several common:

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1. Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear usually only has three points, covering the breasts, lower body and hips, respectively, exposing most of the body. The real underwear is to make desires drip like water droplets through colorful lace and pattern embellishment.

2. Net -shaped erotic sheet

The design of mesh sex lingerie is very unique. It is often used on the pattern to make hands and feet, so that the exposed back rock is generally strong. The mesh design can successfully emphasize the beauty of the back.

3. Stockings set sexy underwear

The sexy lingerie of the stockings set will have an additional pair of stockings of the same color, which can not only emphasize the calf lines, but also increase the wearing experience.

Benefits of the navel erotic underwear

There are many benefits for the design of sexy lingerie navel:

1. Increase sexual interest


The navel erotic underwear can bring visual and psychological sexual interest stimulation, so that the wearer and partner can enjoy the sex process.

2. Show the body curve

The navel design can show the curve of the wearer’s body, especially the curve and muscle lines of the abdomen to increase self -confidence.

3. Improve sexy

The navel erotic underwear can increase the sexyness of the wearer and increase the attractiveness of the wearer.

Choose the main point of sexy lingerie navel

The following are some points for choosing sexy lingerie navel:

1. The size is appropriate

The size is suitable. If the size is not suitable, the sexy underwear will not be comfortable, which will not only affect the sex experience, but also affect the physical and mental health.

2. Good material

Choosing a good sexy underwear can ensure the life of the use, and the sexy underwear with poor material often uses quality problems after a period of time.

3. Unique design

Choosing to design unique sexy underwear can better increase interest and meet sexual needs.

How to correctly wear sexy lingerie and umbilical umbilical

Here are some ways to correctly wear sexy lingerie:

1. Pay attention to cleaning

Pay attention to cleaning before wearing sexy underwear to avoid infection.

2. Dress occasion

Choose the appropriate occasion to wear sexy underwear, do not wear in public, so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassment.

3. Correct matching

The sexy underwear should be suitable for clothes, do not show off the sexy degree, so as not to affect others and society.


The design of sexy lingerie umbilicals is unique and can bring more sexual stimulus to husband and wife, but when choosing and wearing, you should also pay attention to many details.Only by choosing, wearing, and matching can we fully reflect the charm of sexy lingerie.