Sexy underwear swimming

Sexy underwear swimming

Sexy underwear swimming

When people enjoy water activities, wearing appropriate swimwear is particularly important.And in some special occasions, swimming in sexy underwear is a unique attempt.This article will discuss the topic of sexy underwear swimming from the perspective of styles, materials, applications, and hygiene.

Women’s style sexy underwear swimming

Common styles of women’s sexy underwear swimming include bikini, swimming skirts, swimsuits, etc.These styles often play the theme of sexy and gender characters.For example, in sexy styles, design elements such as lace and hollowing out are often used, and in role -playing, such as nurses and students, they often use the combination of underwear and swimwear.In short, women’s sexy underwear swimming styles are bold and provocative.

Men’s sexy underwear swimming

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Men’s sexy underwear swimming styles are generally swimming trunks.In terms of design elements, printing patterns (such as undressing dancers, bikini girls, etc.) or sexy materials (such as leather, red satin, etc.).Men’s sexy underwear swimming trunks are often made of a few millimeters of zero, only to expose more skin in the water, which is more sexy.


Swimming in erotic underwear is not suitable for all occasions.On the one hand, some public swimming pools and water parks are prohibited from putting in improper swimwear; on the other hand, for some occasions that require different swimming skills (such as diving), suitable professional swimsuits are obviously more practical than sex underwear swimming.Therefore, sexy underwear swimming is more suitable for some private swimming pools and personal swimming activities.

Material selection

The selection of sexy underwear swimming is also very important.First of all, the material needs to have a certain water resistance to ensure that the color and shape of the swimming process are not deformation.Secondly, for the materials soaked in water for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, so high -quality materials and correct cleaning methods are particularly important.At the same time, the breathability of the material also needs to be considered to ensure that it is more comfortable in hot weather.

Cleaning and maintenance

Common erotic underwear swimming materials include polyester fiber, polyester, nylon, aminoly, etc.When cleaning and maintenance, you need to comply with the corresponding regulations.The common is hand washing, using mild detergent, and reinforcement such as bleaching water.At the same time, you need to dry the sexy underwear to avoid kneading or using a dryer.


The matching of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to.In women’s sexy underwear swimming, with a pair of high heels and appropriate accessories (such as scarves, necklaces, etc.), the overall sexy temperament can be strengthened.In the men’s sexy underwear swimming, it can be paired with a suspender or a transparent vest to expand the visually exposed meat range.

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Hygiene issue

The hygiene issues involved in sexy underwear swimming also need to attract attention.As mentioned earlier, in a long period of humidity environment, the quality and maintenance method of materials will affect the sanitation of sexy underwear swimming.In addition, on the occasion of rent or sharing, you need to pay more attention to the cleaning and disinfection of sexy underwear swimming.

Personal psychological needs

The actual needs of sexy underwear swimming, in addition to the external needs of sexy and gender role -playing, also involve the problem of personal psychological needs.Putting on sexy underwear can make people feel confident, and at the same time enjoy a different kind of joy.Wearing a sexy underwear in some personal bathing time can expand the fun in the water and enhance the vitality of the body.


Swimming in erotic underwear is a very personal swimming experience. It needs to be carried out on appropriate occasions. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the choice and hygiene issues of the material.This is a very personalized choice. Only after the personal needs are met can it truly feel happy and relaxed.