Share your head and wear sexy lingerie, okay pictures?

Share your head and wear sexy lingerie, okay pictures?

Why shave your head?

Shaving head is a very special shape, but there are many reasons behind it.Some people pay attention to individuality, some people are to express certain beliefs, while others feel that it is more convenient.Regardless of the reason, shaving heads are a very attractive shape, especially with some sexy sexy underwear.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear, usually refers to some sexy, sensitive or teasing underwear.Especially in the life of husband and wife, sexy underwear has a very critical effect, which can increase interest and stimulus.

Why wear sexy underwear?

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Wearing a sexy underwear can increase the fun and excitement between husband and wife, and increase the fun of sex.In addition, the fun underwear itself has a beautiful design and good feel, and it will make people feel very comfortable.

Sex underwear type

The type of sex lingerie is very rich and diverse.Some sexy underwear is very sexy, such as open crotch pants and suspenders, while others are teasing, such as translucent underwear and lace underwear.Different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions and different situations.

Fairy underwear type suitable for bald head

The bald head looks very individual, and it also needs to be matched with suitable sexy underwear.The sexy underwear suitable for bald heads is mainly some tension underwear.For example, tight underwear, mesh underwear, and bodies underwear, these underwear can highlight the male muscle lines of men and appear more individual.

Choose color and style

Choosing the color and style of sexy underwear is also very important. Different colors and styles can show different styles and personality.For bald heads, black underwear is a more suitable option, and the style can choose some more open -ended underwear or tight bodies.

Pay attention

When wearing sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to some matters.First of all, the size of the underwear must be correct, otherwise it will cause some harm to the body.In addition, you can choose some more comfortable underwear to increase the comfort when wearing.Finally, you can choose some sexy accessories with underwear, such as leather whip and handcuffs to increase interest and stimulus.


The courage to wear sex underwear

It takes a certain amount of courage to wear sex underwear because it is a very public and sexy underwear.But after adapting for a period of time, wearing sexy underwear will become very natural.Do not blindly pursue fashion trends and do yourself well.

in conclusion

It is not wrong to shave your head and wear a fun underwear, as long as you like it.However, when wearing sexy lingerie, you also need to pay attention to your body and comfort.The most important thing is that wearing sexy underwear must be confident, don’t worry too much about the eyes of others, just do it yourself.