Shu Qi sexy underwear complete video

Shu Qi sexy underwear complete video

Shu Qi sexy underwear complete video: a visual feast

Shu Qi, as an actor and singer, is not only very good in his career, but also in terms of styling.On the formal occasion, she was always elegant and elegant, but she was also very sexy in private.As a result, she has also become one of the spokespersons of sexy underwear.The full video of her sexy underwear is a visual feast.

Act 1: Preface

From the beginning of the video, it can be seen that Shu Qi wore a black tights and perfectly outlined her figure.The prelude here shows the narration of Shu Qi for the audience, and she introduces the theme and order of this video.

Act 2: Cup and lace

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In the video, Shu Qi wore a different cup of sexy underwear.She introduced how different types of cups form sexy underwear.At the same time, she also wore some lace underwear to allow the audience to feel the texture and softness of this material.

Act 3: Shoulder straps and straps

In this video, Shu Qi showed the audience different types of shoulder straps and straps.She explained how these shoulder straps and straps make women more comfortable to wear sexy underwear.At the same time, these straps and shoulder straps can also achieve different effects through different materials.

Act 4: Lace and transparency

In this video, Shu Qi showed the audience some lace and transparent sexy underwear.These details are very important because they add charming charm to women’s clothing.The combination of lace and transparency is very visual impact and teasing.

Act 5: bellyband and body jacket

In this video, Shu Qi showed the audience some bellybands and body clothes.These sexy underwear can make women’s waist more beautiful.At the same time, these underwear can also create women’s breasts very well.

Act 6: Lock edge and stockings

The lock edge means that the cloth is bent and sutured to make it smoother, and this technology can also be used on sexy underwear.In this video, Shu Qi introduced the characteristics and advantages of lock underwear.At the same time, she also showed some stockings. This kind of sexy underwear can add charm to the legs of women.

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Act 7: soft and sexy

For different occasions and functions, sexy underwear also has different needs.In this video, Shu Qi introduced soft and sexy sexy underwear.The former allows women to feel the comfort of underwear, while the latter can make women more charming and sexy.

Act eighth: personalization and diversity

In this video, Shu Qi introduced some personalized and diverse sexy underwear.These underwear are very suitable for women who pursue unique and individuality.When choosing these special sexy underwear, women can choose through their own personality and style.


Through the introduction and display of this complete erotic underwear video, we can better understand the types and characteristics of sexy underwear.As a woman’s clothes, sexy underwear is not only practical, but also can enhance women’s charm and self -confidence.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, women should start from their physical characteristics and personality, and choose one that suits them best.