Taobao sex underwear material

Title: Taobao sex underwear material

There are a lot of sexy underwear shops on the Taobao platform, which are full of color, styles, and materials.For those who are not familiar with sexy underwear materials, it may be a bit inconvenient to buy.Therefore, this article will analyze the material of Taobao sex lingerie to help you choose more sexy underwear.

1. lace

Lace is one of the most classic materials of sexy underwear.Different shapes and types of lace are different.The lace texture is soft, soft and comfortable to feel, and the permeability is good.The high degree of sexy lace can make people enter the state quickly.However, lace is relatively sensitive and not durable.


The material of the gauze is used more in sexy underwear. This material is lighter, thinner, transparent, and has good breathability than lace.Because of its good breathability, the sexy underwear of the gauze is very comfortable. It can make people breathe freely, feel soft, and at the same time strong.The sexy underwear of the gauze is usually widely used, which can be used in a beautiful and sexy or training.

3. Silk

Silk is a gorgeous, noble, sexy sexy underwear material.It has a shiny and bright appearance, which is like a gentle flowing water, which is breathable and is very suitable for naked sleeping people.However, it should be noted that the effects of the washing and hand washing of the silk machine are very different.

4. velvet

The velvet surface is smooth, and the fabric is soft and comfortable.The velvet’s erotic underwear is delicate, which is low -key and noble to match.However, because velvet is not wear -resistant, do not rub it too hard, otherwise it is easy to fade and deform.

5. Cotton

Cotton is a common material. It feels soft, comfortable, and has good breathability.Cotton erotic underwear can fit the human skin, more affinity to wear, and suitable for long -term wear.But it is relatively sexy enough. If it needs to create a romantic and sexy atmosphere, cotton material is not the first choice.

6.PU leather

PU leather is an artificial synthetic material. Its surface is smooth and impermeable.The sexy underwear using PU leather materials is more sexy and economical.But it is easy to fade and wear, and pay special attention to the maintenance method with its sexy underwear.

7. Modal

Modal is a kind of sexy underwear material produced with natural plant fiber. It is soft and comfortable, elastic and feel, and has good comfortable wearing comfort, especially suitable for sensitive skin or baby.Because Modal’s raw materials are derived from natural plants, they also have a good environmental protection.

8. Others

In addition to the above materials, there are some other erotic underwear materials, such as grids, lace plus nets, etc. These materials are outstanding in terms of breathability, but they are relatively thin, not soft, and not too warm.


When buying Taobao sexy underwear, in addition to considering styles and colors, materials are also very important.The sexy underwear of different materials can create a completely different dressing experience, so we should buy suitable sexy underwear materials according to our special needs.

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