Taobao women’s erotic underwear back map

1 Introduction

With the advancement of society and people’s aesthetics, sexy underwear has gradually changed from traditional instrumental underwear to sexy, fashionable and personalized clothing.As an important channel for the domestic sexy underwear market, Taobao Women’s Info Underwear is also facing the situation of diverse forms and uneven quality while meeting consumer needs.By returning to the map (the picture to consumers), it can not only improve the consumer’s shopping experience, but also strengthen consumers’ trust in Taobao women’s sexy underwear.

2. What is the picture back

As the name suggests, the original picture is to "return" the original picture to consumers, such as adding watermarks, signatures, sizes/colors, etc., and marked this product as genuine products.It is an important part of communication between Taobao women’s sexy underwear and consumers.By returning to the map, consumers can better understand the details, fabrics and techniques of the product to avoid the embarrassment of blind consumption and return.

3. The advantage of the back map

As a marketing method of the sex lingerie online store industry, it has the following advantages:

Improve consumer shopping experience and satisfaction;

Reduce the return rate, save the cost and time of merchants;

Strengthen consumers’ trust in Taobao women’s sexy underwear, which is conducive to subsequent product sales;

Maintain brand image and merchant reputation.

4. The elements of the picture return

For a high -quality picture, in addition to the style and color of the product, you should also include the following:

Commodity size, fabric and washing instructions;

The conditions of accessories or accessories, such as underwear, gloves, socks, necklaces, etc.

Shooting details and angles, such as perspective, side, local close -up, etc.;

Detail processing, such as the model of the model.

5. How to make a picture return

It does not need to be too complicated technology to make a beautiful return. Here are some commonly used reference methods:

Use the watermark tool to add the name of the merchant, the name of the store, and mark the use permissions of the picture;

Size labeling is displayed by shooting labels or paper pieces;

Divide the picture into multiple details, set the effect of the magnifying glass effect to increase the detail display;

Use the beauty repair tool to beautify the skin’s skin, eyes, etc.

6. Problems existing in the picture

Although the return map has many advantages, there are also the following problems:

Merchants may deliberately beautify pictures, resulting in some differences with the real objects;

A small number of merchants may maliciously defend their rights to infringe consumers’ right to know;

The production cost of returning maps is very high, and sometimes it is not cost -effective for merchants.

7. Consumer rights

When buying Taobao women’s sexy underwear, consumers should carefully check the return of the map. If you find that the product is not in line with the situation or flaws, you can refund and exchange rights.At the same time, we must protect your right to know, and don’t blindly consume because of being confused by beautiful pictures.

8. Merchant’s responsibility

As the producer and provider of the return map, the merchant should fulfill the following responsibilities:

Careful and professional make high -quality returns;

Protect the consumer’s right to know, do not delete or modify the picture at will;

To provide real products, you must not deliberately beautify or conceal the flaws.

9. Conclusion

At the moment when sexy underwear is increasingly popular and the category is changing with each passing day, the return of Taobao women’s sexy underwear is not only a marketing tool, but also an important way for consumers to understand goods and safeguard their rights.Therefore, merchants should take the production of returns seriously, provide high -quality returns, and maintain consumers’ right to know and satisfaction, thereby improving their brand image and market position.

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