TB sex lingerie shop


Sexy underwear is one of the standard standard of modern women. Each woman hopes to have a few beautiful sexy underwear in her underwear drawer.TB sex underwear shop has become the preferred channel for many women to buy sex underwear. Because there are many sexy underwear shops on the TB platform, it is easy to have confusion when buying.This article will introduce the sexy underwear shops on the TB platform to help you choose easily.


On the TB platform, sexy underwear shops can be divided into the following:

Brand store

Official flagship store

Taobao expert store

Personal shop

Brand store

The brand store refers to the seller’s authorized dealer of a sexy underwear brand.The advantage of shopping in brand stores is that they can enjoy the quality and after -sales service of official protection.But such shop pricing is usually slightly higher than other stores.

Official flagship store

The official flagship store refers to the store opened by the manufacturer or brand owner.The price of such shops is often cheaper than brand stores, and the discounts are relatively large, and more importantly, the official flagship stores are all officially produced, and the quality is guaranteed.

Taobao expert store

Taobao’s store is a reward for some sellers at Taobao. It will give the store a certain degree of exposure, increase the popularity of the store, and have additional service guarantee.However, the shop’s Taobao service period should not be too low, otherwise it will not be able to apply to become a Taobao expert.

Personal shop

Personal stores refer to only one store on the TB platform by personal operations. The stores will be lower than other types of shops in terms of price, but after -sales service and product quality are difficult to guarantee.

Shop evaluation

The sexy underwear stores on the TB platform will have a corresponding evaluation system, and the buyer’s evaluation is even more important.Before buying a store, you can learn about the after -sales service and product quality of the store by viewing the buyer’s evaluation of the store.At the same time, pay attention to the number of evaluations, scores and content to judge the credibility of the stores and products.

Types of goods

There are many types of sexy underwear shops on the TB platform, and the types of products are extremely rich, including adult products, sexy style underwear, European and American sex underwear, etc.When buying, you should choose the corresponding types according to your needs.

After -sales service

The TB platform stipulates that buyers have the right to defend their rights. If the quality or size does not match during the purchase process, the seller can be returned and exchanged. The seller also has the obligation to conduct after -sales service within the prescribed time.When buying, you should first understand the after -sales commitment and quality of the after -sales service.

Price and discount

The price on the TB platform is lower than that of traditional physical stores. Compared with other types of stores, the pricing of official flagship stores and brand stores will be slightly more expensive, but the price gap on TB is not much different.In addition, TB platforms often launch various preferential activities, pay more attention to the promotion information on the store, and have a good shopping experience.


While ensuring the quality of goods and after -sales service, it is a wise choice to choose official flagship stores and brand stores.When shopping, you need to compare multiple stores to understand online shopping promotion information.It is also necessary to determine your own needs and sizes to avoid unsuitable embarrassing situations after the delivery.


There are many types of TB sex underwear stores and products. When shopping, you need to buy regular stores and understand the after -sales rights protection of the store.Before buying, you can learn more about the evaluation and reputation of the store and the product, and choose carefully to buy the appropriate sexy underwear.

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