Toward hanging neck sex underwear


Sexy underwear is a topic that many women care about now, because it is not just a basic style, but a way to add femininity.And the tube top -hanging necklined lingerie is even more popular, and it will be introduced in detail below.

What is a tube top -hanging neck sexy underwear?

The tube top -hanging neck is a sexy and charming underwear. It uses a tube top and hanging neck design. The part of the chest and the neck has no shoulder straps. It is connected by a thin rope or button to make the chest even moreFull and straight, and can effectively avoid the shoulder strap slip.

What occasions are suitable for wearing?

The tube top -hanging necklines can be paired with various clothing, such as backless outfits, suspenders, deep V -neck clothes, etc., allowing women to show their sexy charm in various fashion occasions.Therefore, it is suitable for various occasions such as party, nightclubs, dating and weddings.

Which figures are suitable for wearing?

The wearing of the tube top -hanging neck of sexy underwear will show women’s chest curves. If women’s chests are full, it will be more suitable for wearing.But not everyone is suitable for wearing tube tops to hang neck and sexy underwear. Women with relatively well -shape and tall figures are more suitable for sexy underwear such as perspective and lace.

How to choose a tube top and hanging necklines?

First of all, you need to consider your body, choose the appropriate size and version, and it is best to try it on.Secondly, you also need to choose a style suitable for your own style, such as lace, silk, perspective, etc.Finally, you need to choose the color of your own colors, black, red, white and other sexy underwear are very sexy.

How to match?

You can choose deep V -neck clothes, backless or suspenders, etc. It allows you to show you full and sexy chest curves on more occasions, especially suitable for interest, which can enhance sexy charm.

How to maintain it?

Interest underwear is a more delicate clothing and requires special maintenance.It is best to use hand washing with tube top -hanging neck, because machine washing will cause damage to the fabric of the underwear.You need to use a neutral washing solution when washing, it is best not to use a bleach.After washing, you need to dry it. It is not recommended to expose it directly.

The advantages and disadvantages of the tube top -hanging neck of sexy underwear

The tube top -hanging neck has no shoulder straps, which can avoid the shoulder straps slipping, and the chest curve is more beautiful.However, because there is no support for the shoulder strap, the support for the breast is relatively poor, so the middle -aged and elderly women may not be suitable for wearing.

Select sex underwear in combination with your own characteristics

Each woman has her own unique figure. She needs to choose a sexy underwear that suits them for their own figure, skin tone, personality, etc.. The tube top -hanging neck sex lingerie is just one of the choices.Only by finding the most suitable sex underwear can you show your most confident side.

How to find a sexy underwear that suits you?

You need to understand your own body characteristics, and choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to your body characteristics. You can refer to some online trial experience or try it to try on the sex lingerie shop.In addition, you can also choose the right style and color according to your own personality.


The tube top -hanging neck sex lingerie is a very sexy, charming underwear, which is suitable for various occasions, but you need to choose according to your body characteristics, style, and occasions.Whenever you need to choose the most suitable sexy underwear to truly show your most confident side.

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