Video sex underwear design contest

Video sex underwear design contest

The upcoming video sex underwear design contest will gather designers and enthusiasts from all walks of life to challenge their creativity and artistic charm.This competition is to promote the culture of sexy lingerie and encourage people to express their sexy and self -confidence.

competition rules

The competition will be divided into two rounds. The best design is selected in the first round, and the second round will be made into physical objects and demonstrated.Specific rules include:

Participants can submit multiple works, but only one work can be rewarded.

Each work must be an original design without copyright issues.

The work needs to have video display, which can be model display or animation demonstration.

Evaluation standard

During the review process, the judges will evaluate the work based on the following standards:

Creativity and uniqueness

Appearance design and aesthetic value

Affairs and comfort

Difficulty and implementation possibilities

Reward and honor

Obtaining honor and rewards will become the pinnacle of the competition. All winners will receive the following rewards and honors:

The champion will receive a total bonus of 5,000 yuan and honorary certificate.

The runner -up will receive a total bonus of 3,000 yuan and honorary certificate.

The third place will receive a total prize of 2,000 yuan and honor certificate.

Theme display

During the competition, the sexy underwear design exhibition of "sexy art" will be displayed, inviting related companies and industry insiders to participate, which enhances people’s understanding and appreciation of sexy underwear culture.

promoting event

In order to allow more people to solve the culture of affection and join the design contest and related activities, the organizer will also organize the following promotion activities:

Sexual underwear design sharing meeting

Sexy performance and music performance

Expert lectures and seminars

Challenge self

Participating in the competition allows designers and students to challenge themselves, compare their design level and achieve ability.This competition provides a platform for the participants to show their own design talents, and also promotes the spread of sexy underwear culture.

future development

As a part of sexual culture, sexy underwear can show women’s sexy and self -confidence, and can also enhance communication and harmony between men and women.This competition will promote the development and innovation of the sexy underwear industry, so that more people will contact and solve the love of the affectionate underwear culture.


This competition will bring challenges and opportunities for all participants, and will also show sexy underwear culture to enhance people’s confidence and beauty.I hope this competition can bring more development and innovation to the sex underwear industry.

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