Wear sex underwear and do it with others

Wear sex underwear and do it with others

In order to increase the fun and excitement of sex, more and more couples choose to wear sexy underwear for flirting and sex. However, how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you and his partner and wear them correctly, it requires some skills and knowledgeEssenceIn this article, we will explore the precautions and common issues that wearing sexy underwear and others.

1. Understand different types of sexy underwear

The type of sexy underwear is very rich, and common ones include sexy underwear, SM underwear, lace underwear, semi -transparent underwear, bellyband, style skirt, and so on.To understand the characteristics and applicable scenes of different types of sexy underwear, you can better choose sexy underwear suitable for you and partners to achieve the purpose of flirting and sex.

2. Determine the size and comfort

Wearing a sexy underwear is like wearing ordinary underwear, the size and comfort are very important.Choosing the right size and comfortable style can not only make you feel more confident and comfortable, but also prevent unnecessary embarrassment and pain, ensure the effect and experience of sexy underwear.

3. Choose high -quality sexy underwear

Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear often has more functions and designs, such as adding SM elements, lace decoration, and open crotch design.Therefore, it is important to choose high -quality sexy underwear.High -quality erotic underwear can not only ensure the use of safety and comfort, but also improve the experience and fun of sex.

4. Pay attention to the order and method of dressing

Pay attention to the order and method of wearing erotic underwear.Under normal circumstances, you should wear underwear first, then wear coats; first wear stockings, then wearing sex skirts, etc.In addition, we should also wear and adjust underwear according to the design and layout of sexy underwear to achieve better results.

5. With suitable shoes and accessories

With suitable shoes and accessories, it can better highlight the charm and characteristics of sexy underwear, and enhance sexy and tempting.For example, wearing high heels can make the legs more slender and sexy; wearing necklaces and bracelets can increase decorative effects and visual impact.

6. Pay attention to the correct makeup remover and cleaning method

After wearing a sexy underwear and others, the correct makeup remover and cleaning method is also very important.Especially for sexy underwear containing SM elements and deeper dyeing, we should pay more attention to cleaning and disinfection to prevent adverse consequences such as allergies and infection.

7. Avoid excessive use and relying on sexy underwear

The use of sexy underwear can increase fun and stimulus, but excessive use and dependence on sexy underwear will lead to dependence and flatness of sex.Therefore, when using sexy underwear, it should be used moderately according to needs and interests to avoid forming dependence and falling into a fixed mode.

8. Try to combine the atmosphere and environment

Sex is a wonderful enjoyment. Interest underwear is one of the ways to regulate the atmosphere and increase the sense of stimulus. It should be combined with the atmosphere and the environment to try different erotic underwear and sex methods to achieve a more perfect and pleasant sex experience.

Viewpoint: Wearing sexy underwear and others to do one of the ways to increase sexual happiness and stimulus, but choose sexy underwear suitable for you and partners, and use them correctly to achieve the best results and experience.

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