What does fun underwear mean?

What is sexy underwear blood droplets?

Interest underwear is a masterpiece of modern manufacturing technology, which can not only make the wearer feel unparalleled comfort, but also allow the wearer to experience unprecedented sexy.One of the extensive loves is "blood drip".

The characteristics of the blood drip style

Blood droplets refer to the triangular design in front of the underwear, and the protruding part in the middle symbolizes the blood drip, which is also the origin of its name.In addition, blood droplets are often accompanied by the use of lace, mesh and other materials, making the wearer feel naked and sexy.

What are the sayings of blood droplets?

Although the blood drip has become one of the representatives of sexy underwear in modern times, its origin is still not very clear.Some scholars believe that the earliest blood drop -style underwear was in ancient China, and the "Danhua bottom" on the costumes of the monk costumes is also a design similar to blood droplets.

Which occasions are suitable for wearing?

Blood droplets are mostly used for sexy clothing on the bed.Many couples choose blood drops sexy underwear to enhance the atmosphere of sex.Of course, for those sexy and confident women, wearing blood drops sexy underwear is also a perfect performance in special overtime or party occasions.

How to wear blood droplets correctly?

When wearing a blood drip, you need to pay attention to the number of codes that are suitable for yourself. Do not let the underwear be too tight or too loose.At the same time, most of the material materials are relatively thin, so you need to pay attention to hygiene and cleaning to avoid wear or bacterial breeding.

What are the choices of blood droplets?

Blood droplet -style sexy underwear is usually softer, and common materials include cotton, silk, lace and mesh.These materials are soft and more comfortable and sexy.

What does blood drops of different colors symbolize?

Sexy underwear drops of different colors are also different in the sense of representative.For example, black blood droplets usually represent mystery and sexy; red often symbolizes lust and enthusiasm; white often symbolizes purity and noble.

How to choose the combination of blood drops sexy underwear?

The combination of blood drops and all kinds of clothing is high.Black blood drops or red blood droplets can be matched with simple denim shorts, short skirts, pencil pants, and tight skirts.White blood droplets are suitable for wearing with light -colored dresses or white skirts.

Interesting blood drip style changes

In addition to the traditional triangular blood droplets, various novel blood drip styles have appeared in modern times.Some blood droplets reveal the sweetness and romantic atmosphere, while others have a lazy and casual feeling.These styles of blood droplets not only change in the shape of the front, but some sexy underwear also deliberately adds unique embroidery or rolling edges to these styles.

The reason why blood droplets are becoming more and more popular

Blood Drops have a long history of sexy underwear, and people’s love for it is constantly upgrading.Whether it is the psychological comfort of young women or the promotion of sexual life between couples, the design charm and comfort of blood droplets can be felt.


Blood Drop -style sexy underwear, as an indispensable fashion element, is full of desire for beauty, sexy and confident.If you are looking for an underwear that can hold your personal temperament and personality, try this style.

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