What does it mean to open up the stall of sexy underwear?

What is a sexy underwear opening file

Sex underwear is a mysterious and irritating underwear, and the opening of sexy underwear further increases its temptation.Open -file sexy underwear means that there is a small opening on the crotch, which is convenient for sex, and can also increase the intimacy between people.Open -file sexy underwear can be used as a clothing for sex games, and you can also add a wonderful change to you in daily wear.However, for some people who are not familiar with sexy underwear, this word may bring doubts and confusion. Let’s take a look at the opening of the sexy underwear.

Types of opening and sexy underwear

There are many types of open -file sexy underwear, and each type has its own characteristics.Among them, the most common types are G-String and C-String.G-String is like a T-shaped, covering the hips and vulva closely, and the other side is a small triangle.C-String is a small curved object. It is made of unique silicone and can be easily clamped between the hips on both sides. There is no oppression of belt and straps, which is very comfortable and free.Different open -stall sexy underwear also has different styles, requirements and design. You can choose the opening -style sexy underwear that suits you and your partner according to your preference.

The material of the opening of sexy underwear

Open -file sexy underwear is made of various materials, such as silk, lace, transparent material, polyester fiber and velvet.It is important to choose the material that suits you, because comfortable sexy underwear will make you feel a pleasant experience and further enhance your intimate relationship with your partner.When selecting the opening of the opening of the gear, you can consider factors such as comfort, appearance and use.

The size of the opening of the sexy underwear

Choosing the correct size is very important for any sexy underwear, which is also suitable for the opening of sexy underwear.You need to ensure that it is comfortable and comfortable, and can show the beautiful curve of your body.When you choose a sexy underwear, you can refer to your ordinary underwear size, or use the size table for measurement.Under normal circumstances, the size of the sexy underwear is the same or similar as the size of conventional underwear.

How to wear open -stall sexy underwear

It takes some time to wear open -stall sexy underwear, and you need to be familiar with how to use it correctly, and ensure that it is comfortable and suitable for your and your partner needs.If you feel uncomfortable or interfered when wearing an open sexy underwear, then you need to adjust its position or replace it to other types of sexy underwear.The key to choosing properly open -file sexy underwear and wearing it is to carefully study the product description and use guide.

The maintenance of the opening of sexy underwear

For any sexy underwear, correct maintenance is essential.This is also applicable to the opening of sexy underwear.You need to avoid excessive cleaning and strong cleaning agents, which will damage the material and color of sexy underwear.You can choose to wash your hands to avoid using bleach and dryer.Correct maintenance and maintenance of your open crotch sex lingerie is the key to enhancing its performance and ensuring its long -lasting shining and non -deformation.

Open -file sexy underwear usage scenarios

Open -file sexy underwear is created for sex games, including many different scenes.It can be used to enhance the experience and pleasure of sex, and it can also be used for personal fun.Open -file sexy underwear can also be used to make you and your partner feel unusual and exciting in some strange and fresh environments.These environments include couples, sexual parties, dating, performances and sex games.

Applicable crowds of open -file sexy underwear

Open -file sexy underwear is suitable for anyone who wants to add excitement and fun, whether single or married, male or female.Interest underwear is so diverse and personalized, including design, color, style and size.No matter what your taste is, you can find the open -end sexy underwear suitable for you and your partner.

Disputes of Fairy Underwear

Open -file sexy underwear is often considered teasing and immoral, because it provides a sinister stimulus, especially for those who are deeply restricted by religious or cultural perspectives.However, although it is controversial, the opening of sexy underwear is still a popular choice in various cases, and it also brings joy and stimulation to people.

in conclusion

In short, the opening -up sexy underwear is a very popular fashion underwear.As a kind of sexy underwear, it has stimulating, mysterious and sexy quality, and can be used for various occasions, such as couples dating, sex parties, dating, performance and sex games.No matter what your taste and need, you can find the open crotch erotic underwear that is suitable for you.

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