What is the sexy underwear in the film?


The plots in movies or television often involve women wearing sexy underwear.Such visual scenes have attracted the attention of the audience and are also favored by merchants.So, what kind of sexy underwear will appear in movies or TV programs?Let’s find out.


Through pants are a very popular one in sexy underwear.In movies or TV, women wearing thongs showed their good figure, leaving a deep impression on the audience.This sexy underwear can highlight the body curve of women and increase sexy atmosphere.

Corset and inlaid

Corset is a sexy and comfortable sexy underwear.In movies or TV shows, women wear this underwear and match different skirts or pants to create a different atmosphere.The inlaid details can add vitality to the entire shape.

Retro corset

Retro corset is a kind of sexy underwear. Its style and design are mostly related to the 1950s.In movies or TV programs, women wear this underwear to present the sense of time and show women’s elegance and noble.

Transparent tube top and lace set

Transparent tube tops and lace suits are a very sexy sexy underwear.In movies or TV shows, women wearing this underwear can evoke men’s desires and create a soft and wild atmosphere.

Stockings set

Stockings set is a kind of boutique in sexy underwear.It can increase mystery to women’s body and highlight their perfect lines.In movies or TV shows, women wearing this underwear are not only sexy, but also full of feminine charm and confidence.

Sexy jumpsuit

Sexy trousers are an unforgettable sexy underwear.In movies or TV shows, women wearing this underwear will be impressed by people.This underwear can not only highlight the female body curve, but also create a beauty of pure women.

Many styles of sexy underwear

The sexy lingerie style has always been many, and the merchants have designed a variety of different types and styles to meet the needs of different people.In movies or TV programs, you can see a variety of sexy underwear, such as shiny, colorful, striped, striped milk colors, etc. There is always one for you.

Not everyone is suitable for sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear has been widely praised and recognized in movies or TV programs, not everyone is suitable for wearing sex underwear.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you must choose the style and style of your own underwear according to your personal preferences and physical conditions.


In movies or television, sexy underwear, as a symbol of sexy and feminine charm, has been widely concerned and sought after.It can not only increase the sexy atmosphere of women, but also bring unexpected surprises.

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