What reaction to my husband in sexy underwear?

What reaction to my husband in sexy underwear?

Wearing sexy underwear can not only enhance the sexy and charm of women, but also bring more surprises and fun to the life of the husband and wife.However, everyone’s thoughts and reactions are different. What reactions will her husband react when wearing sexy underwear?Next, let’s find out.

1. excitement

When a woman appears in front of her husband with sexy sexy underwear, his first reaction may be excited, because the picture in front of him can easily stimulate his visual nerves and sexual desire.Especially those materials such as lace, silk, or tulle can better arouse the desire in his heart.

2. satisfy

Her husband may think that wearing a sexy underwear is a kind of expression of a woman to him, expressing that she is willing to dress up carefully for him, presented in front of him with the most wonderful attitude.Therefore, he may feel satisfied and happy.

3. Surprise

If women do not often wear sexy underwear, then when she suddenly put on a set, her husband’s response may be surprise.Because of seeing different sides, he is more fascinated by her and wants to explore more secrets.

4. Happy

Putting on a sexy underwear may make women feel confident and happy, and this pleasure will also be passed on to her husband.He may be pleased and satisfied with the sexy and charm of women.In this case, both sides can benefit from it.

5. shy

Some women may feel shy and uncomfortable, and they are not used to putting on sexy underwear.This situation may also convey to her husband, making him feel that the degree of closeness between them is reduced, and more "running -in" is needed.

6. affection

Wearing a sexy underwear may also express the affection of women for her husband.This expression may make her husband feel particularly concerned and loved.Therefore, he may cherish more and take more care of women.

7. Warm

Wearing sexy underwear can enhance the intimacy between the two.In the eyes of her husband, this expression is a warm manifestation, and it is also an improvement of life interest, which can make the lives of two people full of fun and surprise.

8. monotonous

If you are always wearing the same sexy underwear, your husband may feel monotonous and boring.At this time, in order to make him feel more fresh and exciting, you can try some different styles, colors and styles to try it.

9. Strange

The intention and purpose of wearing sex underwear can be easily misunderstood by both husbands and wives.Some men may think that women wear interest underwear to attract the attention of other men, which will definitely make them feel strange and uneasy.

10. Praise

In the end, her husband’s response may be to praise and appreciate women’s sexy underwear.He will express the recognition and appreciation of women’s sexy and charm through language and limb language.

in conclusion

Generally speaking, the husband who wears a sexy underwear varies from person to person, but in any case, sexy underwear can add more interest and joy to the life of the husband and wife.Therefore, if you have not tried to wear sexy underwear, then you may wish to try it, you may bring you different surprises.

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