Who is the model in the Sakura Interesting underwear?

Who is the model of 模 珞 underwear?

Founded in 2013, it is a popular sexy underwear brand in China.With the continuous improvement of more people’s understanding and acceptance of sexy underwear, the influence of Sakura’s sexy underwear in the market has also expanded.Many people are curious about the models in the Sakura Interesting underwear, so who is the model of the Sakura Sakura underwear?

It’s He Yanjun and Jia Qing

At the beginning of the establishment of the Sakura Fun underwear brand, He Yanjun and Jia Qing appeared in the advertisement as the spokesperson of the brand.He Yanjun is a more famous host and actor, while Jia Qing is a famous model and actor.It can be said that its endorsement allows the Sakura Interesting underwear brand to better get market recognition and attention.

Later models are not easy to find

However, in addition to He Junjun and Jia Qing, other model information used in Sakura’s sexy underwear is relatively difficult to find.On the one hand, it is because the scope of ordinary consumers is limited, and on the other hand, it may also be because the brand itself has stricter management and confidentiality of models.

Some models can be understood through social media

Although we can’t know all model information, we may find photos or information of some spokespersons through social media.For example, in 2021, the new spokesperson of Yuming Sakura’s underwear also posted the endorsement of the Sakura sexy underwear on his personal Weibo.

The reason why the brand has not announced the model information

The reasons for the non -announcement of model information about the lack of model information of Yakiyuya’s sexy underwear may be related to the privacy of the model.Interest underwear is a private item. After the model information is made, it will cause unnecessary trouble or burden on the model.In addition, it is more important to consolidate its own market position and brand awareness.

The importance of model endorsement

For sexy underwear, which is a relatively private item, the brand promotion method is very different from ordinary clothing brands.Model endorsement is an important way for advertising.Through the endorsement commissioned by the endorsement of Yaki Sakura, I promoted the image and product characteristics of sexy underwear brands to more people, which increased the brand awareness and enhanced consumers’ desire to buy.

Model image has a huge impact on the brand

If a brand wants to have influence in the market, in addition to product quality, model endorsements and images are also crucial.A good model can add a lot of exposure to the brand and create an elegant and noble image for the brand, thereby attracting more consumers to pay attention and purchase.Therefore, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate model endorsement.

Precautions for model selection

When choosing a model of sexy underwear brands, you need to pay attention to some matters.First of all, the model must have a certain influence and reputation, which can bring the brand’s exposure and fan effects to the brand. Second, the image of the model also meets the brand’s requirements.Coordination and overall sense.

details make a difference

The details determine the success or failure, and the brand’s choice and management of models also need to work hard.Relevant terms should be clearly clarified in the endorsement agreement, including the physical confidentiality of the model, the scope of authorization, endorsement load liability, and rights and obligations.Ensure the legality and rationality of model endorsements, and can also maintain the brand image and reputation.

Brand development is inseparable from good model endorsements

In short, a good model endorsement allows the brand to get more attention and recognition in the market.In the early days of the establishment of the brand, the spokesperson of the strong underwear invited the spokesperson for the brand promotion, which played a positive role in promoting the development of the brand.With the continuous growth and development of the brand, it is expected that the Sakura sexy underwear brand can have more highlights and innovations in model endorsements, and provide more high -quality sexy underwear products and services to the public.

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