Why is there no picture of online shop sex underwear

Why do some online shops have no pictures?

Buying sexy underwear online has become a choice of more and more people. However, when you browse some sexy underwear online stores, you may find that some products have no pictures or only text descriptions. Why?

Copyright issue

First, it may be due to copyright issues.Some sexy underwear brands have adopted strict copyright control, and they do not allow other merchants to show their product pictures.Then in order not to infringe the copyright law, these merchants had to abandon the use of brand pictures and use text to describe the style and characteristics of sexy underwear.

Self -portrait quality problem

Secondly, it is because some merchants take the quality of the photos themselves, and it is difficult to reflect the sexy and beauty of sexy underwear.Shooting sex underwear requires high -level shooting skills and professional post -processing. If you use mobile phones to shoot or have no experienced photographers to shoot, it is often difficult to reflect the characteristics and aesthetics of underwear.At this time, in order not to affect the consumer’s purchase experience, the merchants do not put pictures or only text.

Dark underwear shooting is more difficult

In addition, there is a special type of sexy underwear, such as dark underwear. They often difficult to reflect details and textures in the shooting, especially when the light is not good, it is easier to distort the photos.Therefore, merchants may choose relatively simple elements such as not to put pictures or only show outline lines.

Let consumers imagine freely

In addition, merchants sometimes deliberately put pictures, hoping to let consumers freely imagine the appearance and state of underwear.In this case, merchants will provide more detailed text descriptions to guide consumers to imagine the style and aesthetics of sexy underwear. This is also a marketing method.

The picture may be inaccurate

In another case, the merchant may be inaccurate when showing the picture.The picture may be colored, brightness, and different sizes, which affects consumers’ true perception of underwear.At this time, in order to avoid misleading or dissatisfaction to consumers, merchants will choose not to put pictures or only text.

Why are there some pictures of erotic underwear, some?

So why are there some erotic underwear for the same brand or the same merchant?This is determined by many factors, such as the contract terms authorized by the brand, the cost of underwear production, and the difficulty of photo shooting.Merchants decide whether to place photos based on the actual situation to achieve better marketing effects.

How should consumers choose?

For consumers, if you see sexy underwear without pictures in an online store, how should you choose?First of all, you can read the text description of the product carefully, understand the styles, fabrics, size and other information of the underwear, and then consider your own needs and preferences, and choose reasonably.If it is really difficult to decide, you can contact the merchant to consult the details.


In summary, sexy underwear without pictures does not necessarily represent bad quality or not suitable for purchasing. They may have factors such as copyright issues, poor self -camera quality, difficult shooting, and marketing strategies.Consumers should read the text description carefully and choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to their needs and preferences.

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