Will the sex underwear pass the security check? Will it be pulled out?

Safety of erotic underwear

Nowadays, there are many types of sexy underwear on the market. The design styles such as adults’ sexy lingerie, sexy lingerie, European and American sexy underwear are constantly rich. The security of these underwear has also become a topic of people’s attention.So, will sex underwear be removed after security inspection?Let’s find out together.

State’s supervision of sexy underwear

At the national level, there are strict regulatory measures for sexy underwear.According to laws and regulations and related standards such as the Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China, and sexual underwear, as a special purpose of clothing, must meet the relevant national quality standards.Therefore, theoretically, when a security check, it will not be checked because of sexy underwear.

Falling underwear material

We know that the material of sex underwear is relatively special. Some of them use imitative leather, PVC and other materials. These materials are slightly different from ordinary clothing, but they do not violate relevant quality standards.Therefore, unless there is a quality problem in sex underwear itself, it should not be checked because of the material of the sexy underwear.

Design and use of sexy underwear

The design and use of sexy underwear are well known.However, at the time of security inspection, airport or station security inspectors are not professional sexy underwear experts. They are more concerned about whether to carry items that may endanger public safety.Therefore, the situation of sexy underwear for security inspection is not common, and it will only be inspected under some special circumstances.

Sex underwear Storage location

Some travelers may directly put their sexy underwear directly on the surface of the suitcase or portable bag. This behavior will cause the security inspector to doubt it and further check it.It is recommended to put the sexy underwear in a messenger bag or a small bag, and then put it in a suitcase or a portable bag, so as to avoid being directly searched during security checks.

How to avoid sexy underwear and be checked

In order to avoid sexual underwear being exposed by security inspectors, some measures can be taken: ① Put the fun underwear in a hidden position; ② Use ordinary handbags or zipper bag sexy underwear;, To explain the source and use of sexy underwear; ④ Consult the security check process and requirements from the airport or station of the travel airport in advance, and understand the relevant regulations.

Sex underwear purchase channel

Although sexy underwear is a legal item within the country, it is still necessary to pay attention to the selection of regular channels for purchase in the actual purchase process.The sexy underwear of illegal channels may have quality problems, and even become a black industry chain for illegal crimes.Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a qualified seller channel or a regular sexy underwear brand for purchase.

Sending underwear wearing occasions

Fun underwear should pay attention to the differences from public places. If you wear sexy underwear or carry sex underwear in public places, it will cause discomfort and even misunderstandings.In private places, sexy underwear can be used as a tool to add fun and enhance interest.

Conclusion: Interest underwear over the security inspection may not be paid for inspection

In summary, the security underwear overweight will not be checked.Except for special circumstances, this situation is not conventional.If the quality of the sexy underwear purchased is cleared and properly handled in the aspects of carrying, wearing, you can use the sexy underwear to use it at ease during travel.

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