Will you feel that the underwear is too allergic and itching?

What is sexy underwear allergy

Sexy underwear is a sexy dress, which is usually made of thin materials, and these materials are directly exposed to the skin.When people wear sexy underwear, it may cause skin allergies and itching or other discomfort symptoms.

Symptoms of sexy underwear allergy

Common sexy underwear allergic symptoms include contact dermatitis, itching, skin redness, rash and dry skin.If these symptoms occur, you should stop wearing sexy underwear and seek medical help.

Reason for sexy underwear allergy

The reason for sexy underwear is that the material you wear is not suitable for the skin, or the long time is too long to cause allergic reactions.Generally speaking, cotton and other materials are more suitable for skin.And also pay attention to cleaning and maintaining underwear to reduce the risk of allergies.

How to prevent sexy underwear allergy

First of all, choose the appropriate sexy underwear material to stimulate less skin irritation. It is best to choose cotton, silk and breathable materials to avoid fiber material.Secondly, do not wear too long, it is best not to exceed 8 hours a day.In addition, the cleaning and maintenance of the underwear are also important. It is recommended to wash it with a mild soap each time. After drying, use clean bags.

What kind of person is more likely to be allergic

Some people are more likely to be allergic to sexy underwear.For example, people with dry skin, allergies or people with skin diseases such as eczema are more likely to have allergic symptoms.In addition, people who sweat a lot when wearing sexy underwear are also prone to allergic symptoms.

How to treat sexy underwear allergy

If you have symptoms of sexy underwear allergy, you should stop wearing sexy underwear as soon as possible and consult a dermatologist for treatment.Conventional treatment measures may include oral or topical antihistamines, anti -inflammatory drugs, and hormone drugs.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear is an important measure to prevent allergies. It is recommended to choose a comfortable and breathable material, and at the same time choose a formal, credible, and quality -guaranteed sexy underwear brand.In addition, the trial sex underwear should be sufficient, especially the sensitive skin.If discomfort occurs, it should be replaced immediately.

Wash of sexy underwear

The cleaning of erotic underwear is also very important. If it is not cleaned properly, it will not only cause skin allergies, but also affect the service life of sexy underwear.It is best to wash with soap and water to avoid washing with high temperature water. After washing, you need to dry and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible to avoid affecting the elasticity and color of the material.

How to protect your skin

In order to maintain the health of the skin, in addition to wearing a sexy underwear suitable for you, skin care should be carried out regularly.Keep daily cleaning and use mild skin care products to avoid sanitary products that are too stimulated.In addition, good living habits and eating habits have a great impact on skin health.

in conclusion

Whether wearing sex underwear will be allergic and itching, which is related to personal skin quality and dressing habits.In order to avoid sexy underwear allergic symptoms, you should choose the material of sexy underwear, do not wear too long, keep the underwear clean and maintain, and maintain a good life and eating habits.

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