Women who have a bad figure wear sexy underwear

Women who have a bad figure wear sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a special women’s underwear. Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is more sexy, stylish and artistic.It has a variety of styles, suitable for women of different ages, figures and skin colors.However, for women who are not perfect, there are some places to pay attention to in sex underwear.

1. Women’s body type

Each woman’s body type is unique, including thin, small skeleton, plump, burly body, and so on.Different body types need to wear different sexy underwear to highlight their own advantages and cover their own shortcomings.

2. Appropriate style

Choosing the right style is very important, and different styles are suitable for different figures.For women with short stature, you can choose some sexy underwear with umbilicals and legs, and for women with plump figures, you can choose some sexy underwear that can set off the chest.

3. Material selection

The material is the soul of sexy underwear. Choosing the right material can help present a good visual effect.When selecting the material, you should choose the breathable and comfortable material, which is good for physical health.

4. The color of the underwear

Color is another key factor in sexy underwear. You should choose your skin color and appearance color matching or the opposite color.It is best to avoid wearing more eye -catching sexy underwear, which can easily expose your shortcomings.

5. The safety of wearing

Although sexy underwear is sexy, security is the first consideration.Many women like to wear short skirts in the summer. If they are not careful, they may expose the intersection, causing trouble or embarrassment.

6. Matching clothing

Matching clothing is also very important. If you choose improperly, it may affect the good effect of sexy underwear.Under normal circumstances, you can choose some transparent lace, lace coat or tulle long skirt.

7. Choose the right occasion

It is also important to choose the right occasion when wearing a sexy underwear.If you are a date or honeymoon, choose some sexy underwear suitable for occasions to make yourself more beautiful.In addition, in some cultural, religious, and traditional occasions, it is not advisable to wear sex underwear, which needs to be paid attention to.

8. Change your mindset

Finally, wearing sexy underwear needs to change your mentality.Regardless of your body, every woman is unique and has its own beauty.As long as you have a confident and good attitude, wearing any sex underwear can show your charm.


Wearing sex underwear requires comprehensive measurement in combination with its own figure, wearing environment, season, and other factors.When choosing a sexy underwear, women also need to be self -centered and not restrained by external standards in order to better show their sexy and charm.

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