Women’s sex lingerie LSP

Women’s sex lingerie LSP: comprehensive guidelines from purchasing to maintenance

As part of a woman, sexy underwear has become one of the important parts of modern fashion.From sexy stimulation to comfortable and practical, sexy underwear covers a variety of styles and types. It not only helps increase the charm of women, but also increases the fun of sexual life.This article will introduce you in detail the purchase, matching, dressing, repair, maintenance, etc. of Lady’s Lady Loves LSP, so that you will become a sexy underwear expert.

1. Know your size

First of all, if you want to buy a sexy underwear that suits you, you need to clarify your size.Don’t blindly pursue the style and ignore the size of the size, the appropriate underwear can make you feel comfortable.Most sexy underwear will adopt the number of US codes. It is recommended to check the size table carefully before buying.Share a tips here, you can measure your body measurement, and refer to the size watch after use to ensure that you can buy the right LSP.

2. Select the right style

Interesting underwear LSP has a variety of styles, which can meet different personalities and needs.For example, if you want to highlight your sexy and charm, you can choose sexy underwear such as hollow, perspective; if you are looking for pajamas, it is best to choose a soft and comfortable material.In addition, you can choose flea, bikini and other styles according to your body and beauty needs to create a sexy and vibrant atmosphere.

3. With clothing

When wearing a sexy underwear, add some outer decorations such as tops, skirts, socks, or pants, which can improve the overall sexuality.In fact, whether it is matched with underwear or outer pants, the matching of LSP is okay.For example, you can choose a lace suit with gauze or perspective. If you need to match a long sleeve, you can choose a few bright lines to decorate the jacket or top to play freely, so that you wear sexy and comfortable.

4. Enjoy the dressing process

It should be noted that wearing erotic underwear is a taste, and the process of enjoyment requires you to have enough time and relaxing mentality.Moderate relaxation can better experience the comfort and sexuality of a underwear and further increase the interest.In addition, the wearing of sexy underwear needs to meet a certain level of personal hygiene requirements, and it takes time to change to maintain its own health and hygiene.

5. Processing the repair problem of LSP

LSP is a selected fine product. If it is damaged, it is relatively difficult to repair.Therefore, when you buy underwear, you must operate according to the brand’s nursing instructions.If your underwear is worn or damaged, you can consider integrating it with other fabrics and use a cleaner to remove dirt.If you find that the attachment of LSP (such as the hook/buckle) is damaged, it is recommended to buy the attachment of the corresponding model for replacement or repair.

6. How to wash LSP

The key to maintaining LSP is washing.It is recommended that you use a neutral cleaning solution to soak underwear in the water and wash it with your hands. Do not rub it hard to prevent wear damage.When washing, the underwear can be washed from the front to the front to protect its fine fabrics to the greatest extent.Dry it in the ventilation place to avoid direct sunlight.Do not use bleach and soft agent to avoid damage and unclean fabrics.

7. Storage method

When storing sexy underwear, it should be flattened and stored in the underworld bag to reduce its friction with other items.In addition, you should pay attention to stay away from the sun and high temperature to prevent the fabrics from aging and deformation.It is recommended to put a clear bag in the underwear to promote the dryness and softness of the underwear.

8. Create a suitable atmosphere

Finally, if you want to fully experience the charm brought by LSP, you also need to prepare a suitable environment and atmosphere reasonably.You can choose gentle music, fragrant candles, comfortable sofa jackets, etc. to create a romantic and sexy oriental atmosphere.You can also invite a special person to share this intoxicating time with you.


Interesting underwear LSP has a variety of styles and types that show different charm and atmosphere.Before buying, you need to carefully understand your size and choose your own style and match to achieve comfort and sexy.In terms of dressing, repair, maintenance, and storage, details should also be paid to extend their service life.In the end, the matching underwear with the suitable environment and atmosphere will allow you to fully enjoy the joy and charm of sexy.

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