Zhao Xiaomi sexy underwear map

Zhao Xiaomi’s sexy underwear exploration

Zhao Xiaomi is a sexy underwear enthusiast. She has a variety of sexy underwear.Today, we will explore Zhao XiaomiErotic underwearcollect.

Classic black underwear collection

Black underwear has always been one of the most classic sexy underwear, and Zhao Xiaomi is also attracted by it.She collected various styles of black underwear,Lace charming, high -profile or genetically modified skin color underwearEssenceWith black silk, the femininity of each detail is exciting.

The eye -catching charm of red underwear

Of course, in addition to black underwear, red underwear should not be missed.Zhao XiaomiRed underwearThey are dark red, rich in texture and noble red, not only charming, but also rich with luxurious charm.Red underwear with black stockings will definitely increase women’s sexy and charming.

Underwear set under the blessing of transparent yarn

Zhao Xiaomi has collected multiple sets of underwear. They all have highly transparent gauze design, and they seem to wear a kind ofMysteriousBeautiful flower gauze.Sexy underwear based on lace and satin as a material is covered by transparent yarn, so that the skin and underwear will form such a beautiful visual feast.

Sexy reveals of vest sexy underwear

Different from traditional design, vest -style sexy underwear is closer to the curve of the human body, exposing the shoulders and chest parts.Zhao Xiaomi has collected different vest -style sexy underwear, with transparent lace,Charming sexy chemical fiber, as well as elegant silk vest -style sexy underwear, etc.EssenceThe vest -style sexy underwear is comfortable and fashionable, which is the favorite of every woman.

The coquettish and beautiful of the lace underwear

Zhao Xiaomi’s underwear collection also has many lace styles.The lace underwear she has collected is diverse, there areLace turtlene BRAWith shorts, lace’s sexy underwear, and even lace underwear.Wearing such underwear can not only maintain a comfortable and personal sense, but also make your coquettishness and beauty.

Deep V neck -style sexy underwear

Deep V -neck sexy underwear is more suitable for women with plump chests. It can show the sexy curve of women and be more attractive.Zhao Xiaomi’s deep V -neck styleSexy LingerieThere are various styles, with lace suits and sexy underwear, etc., which are full of fashion, but also show the beautiful figure to the fullest.

The elegance and beauty of sexy bra

The bras are also a kind of sexy underwear. Sexy bras are the symbol of elegance and beauty.Zhao Xiaomi has a variety of branches, with peach -shaped bra, triangular bra, and various rich cards and patterns.Sexy breasts allow women to get rid of a bland life , Has a unique amazing charm.

Sexy experience of tight pants underwear

In addition to the underwear on the upper body, Zhao Xiaomi also collected someTight pants underwearThese appropriate designs can easily show women’s curves.Some underwear even comes with the same design elements as pants, making people feel that it is not so naked and exposed to wear.

The finishing touch of stockings

For any set of sexy underwear, stockings are important finishing touch.Zhao Xiaomi’s collection of stockings is very diverse, with black flesh, as well as crossbars and patterns.Different styles, colors and pattern stockings can add a bit of charm to your dress.


Sexy underwear is one of the essential products of each woman, which can bring people confidence, sexy and charm.Sexy underwear has a variety of different types and styles, and each woman can find a style that suits them.I hope this article can help you and bring you new ideas and sparks.