Female sex underwear students

Basic knowledge of female sex lingerie

Women’s sexy underwear is to maintain basic functions while paying attention to increasing women’s sexy and charm. Therefore, compared with traditional underwear, it often pays more attention to design and materials.Common female sexy lingerie includes US back underwear, lace underwear, tulle underwear, three -point underwear, suspended underwear, etc.In order to increase gorgeousness and comfort, women’s erotic underwear often uses velvet, lace, gauze, sequins and other materials, which also takes into account the breathability and softness.

Understand your figure

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first understand your body.If you are thin and high -type, you can try to choose a V -type underwear to increase the feeling of the chest and increase the proportion of the figure; if you are round, you can choose a more underwear in the chest to play a role in modifying the body shapeEssenceIn short, you must choose a style suitable for your body to wear beauty and sexy.

Color and temperament

The color of women’s erotic lingerie also needs attention.Light -colored underwear can create a fresh and sweet temperament, while dark underwear has a mysterious and sexy charm.At the same time, you can also consider matching the color according to the occasion and mood.

Buy and size

When buying women’s erotic lingerie, it is recommended to choose a brand to ensure product quality.At the same time, it is also very important to choose the right size. Excessive or loosening can easily affect wearing effects and comfort.If you are not sure of the correct size, you can choose according to your body shape and the brand of the brand.

Scenes and matching

When wearing women’s erotic underwear, you also need to pay attention to occasions and matching.For example, you can choose a comfortable and stylish underwear at home. When you go out, you can choose a style with stronger decorative and more applicability.At the same time, it can be matched with accessories, such as makeup, hairstyle, etc. to enhance the overall image.


Women’s sexy underwear is a relatively fragile product, so cleaning and maintenance are also very important.It is recommended to use neutral detergent, hand -wash or gently machine washing, and ensure that the underwear is dry and placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct temperature and sunlight.

Extended fluorescent function

Some women’s sexy underwear design can also provide fluorescence function to increase unique charm and fun.Some light -tone fluorescent underwear are suitable for the aurora -like summer night, while black fluorescent underwear is more suitable for a grand ball night.In a dark environment, the light of fluorescent underwear can make you the focus of everyone.

Exercise and fitness

Female erotic underwear can not only wear in daily life, but also wear during exercise and fitness to increase the fun of sports.Some women’s sports underwear pays attention to the effects of personalized effects, which can prevent breast shaking during exercise and protect breast health.Some underwear materials can absorb sweat and breathable, making the skin feel more comfortable.


In addition to meeting the sexy needs of women in women’s sexy underwear, it is also a manifestation of self -expression and fashion attitude.Dressed in proper women’s interesting underwear can increase women’s self -confidence and charm and show the most beautiful side.

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