Interesting underwear when marriage

Interesting underwear when marriage

The importance of sexy underwear

Marriage is one of the most important moments in every woman’s life. Therefore, in this special day, every woman hopes to show her most beautiful side.And sexy underwear is the most important dress for women at this time.It can not only show women’s body advantages, but also make them more confident and sexy. It is one of the essential costumes that brides are essential when they get married.

Style choice

When choosing a sexy underwear when choosing to get married, you need to choose according to different wedding occasions.If a wedding is held indoors, you can choose a sexy underwear with a lace trim and obvious perspective effect. At the same time, you can match sexy stockings and high heels to make the whole look more perfect.If you hold a wedding outdoors, you can choose a light and breathable sexy underwear to make you feel comfortable in hot weather.

Color choice

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The color of sexy underwear is also one of the elements that need to be considered.For marriage, you usually choose white or skin -tone sexy underwear, which can better set off the bride’s skin tone and wedding dress, creating a pure and noble feeling.

Selection of fabrics

When selecting the fabric of sexy underwear, you need to consider comfort and breathability.Generally speaking, the sexy underwear fabric of natural fibers will be more breathable and more comfortable.However, you need to pay attention when you get married, the sexy underwear with too heavy fabrics will make wrinkles around your waist and hips, affecting the overall effect.

Style choice

When choosing the style of sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your body characteristics.If the body is more petite and exquisite, you can choose a bra and panties that are relatively small sexy underwear, so that you can better highlight your figure characteristics.If the body is fat, you can choose a thick erotic underwear, which can create the effect of shaping the figure.


You need to pay attention to some details when choosing sexy underwear.For example, hard objects such as fish hooks, zippers, and cards need to pay special attention to avoid hurting themselves.At the same time, quality defects such as fabric texture and color difference also need to be carefully checked to avoid affecting the overall effect.

Brand choice

When choosing a sexy underwear brand, you need to choose some well -known brands, which can ensure the guarantee of quality.Some large underwear brands, such as Victoria’s Secrets and Calvin Klein, have a good sexy underwear series.


Size choice

It is also very important to choose a sexual underwear with the right size.If the size is too small, it will make yourself feel very uncomfortable; if the size is too large, it will make the whole shape look loose.Therefore, you need to choose according to your body size.At the same time, you can also choose elastic sexy underwear, which can naturally retract according to the changes of the body.

Matching skills

When mating with sexy underwear, you need to consider the harmoniousness of the overall shape.You can choose to match high heels, stockings, etc. that are similar to wedding dresses.At the same time, you can choose some simple and textured accessories, such as necklaces and earrings for decoration.


Choosing the right sexy underwear when getting married can not only enhance your beauty, but also make the entire wedding more perfect.Therefore, you need to be careful and cautious when choosing a sexy underwear. At the same time, you must choose the style, size and brand that suits you, and cooperate with careful matching to make himself the most beautiful bride at the wedding.