Japanese student erotic lingerie brand recommendation

Japanese student erotic lingerie brand recommendation

Japanese student erotic lingerie brand recommendation

1 Introduction

With the development of the times and the opening of social concepts, sexy underwear is no longer just an adult toy, and more and more young people regard it as a fashion trend.Japan is one of the most developed countries in the underwear industry, and Japanese students’ sexy underwear brands have become a culture.In this article, we recommend several good Japanese students’ sexy underwear brands.

2. Jours Après Lunes

This is a brand that started with children’s underwear. Jours Après Lunes designed a series of children’s clothing underwear as if it was an adult version.These underwear focuses on cute and simple style, and there will not be too much exposure and teasing.In addition, these underwear uses very soft cotton fabrics, giving a warm and comfortable feeling.

Sexy Mankini – 7199

3. Peach John

Peach John is a well -known underwear brand in Japan. Its product series includes various styles such as sexy underwear, tube top underwear, pajamas.Among them, the product is the main product. PEACH JOHN’s sexy underwear is unique, and the small details are particularly attentive. Its product line is rich and the design elements are more diversified.

4. Pangao Play

Pangao Play is the sexy underwear brand that has received much attention in recent years. Its underwear is full of unique design styles and creativity, especially the sexy underwear created.Essence

5. Eat ME

This is a very young and dynamic sexy lingerie brand.Its simple design enables all lovers to buy, match and wear, and feel the comfortable experience that is different from other brands.Eat ME mixes the design of sexy underwear with other daily clothing, so that consumers can also experience the sexy and temperament of sexy underwear in daily wear.

6. Miel Crème

Miel Crème’s underwear focuses on simple style. It uses high -quality materials, which is not only comfortable and tough, but also super elastic, especially suitable for students who have a charming curve but still maintain a slim figure.In addition, Miel Crème’s underwear design is quite elegant, and the general style also reveals a sense of high -level sense of the brand.

7. Outline


The Outline underwear brand focuses on the trend of the avant -garde and personalized cultural style. Although its sexy underwear design focuses on the fashion and sexy route, it is not publicity, but adds a little fresh and bright feeling.Outline’s underwear is suitable for women with a variety of figures. Its fashionable trend is prominent and has unique personality characteristics.

8. Hysteric Glamour

This is a full -scale sexy underwear brand. Its underwear series is generous, fashionable, and avant -garde.Hysteric Glamour is favored by young students’ ethnic groups, and each underwear is faintly revealing a strong paranoia and enthusiasm.The sense of balance between its sexy and crazy is successfully achieved in quality and price.

9. Black Label Crestbridge

Black Label Crestbridge underwear brand is a relatively mature, light luxury style brand. Its product series integrates fashionable and fashionable underwear design into fashion through very unique lines and some unknown creative restorations.Black Label Crestbridge underwear has a very high quality. It is sexy and elegant after wearing it. It is mainly mature and confident.

10. Heleyadoll

HeleyAdol is a relatively tender sexy underwear brand. Its products are mainly sweet and cute elements, focusing on designing unique sexy underwear, and more attentive in detail, presenting youth from the bones to each girl., Personality and beauty.If you like fresh and sweet sexy underwear, then Heleyadoll is undoubtedly a good choice.

In general, Japanese students’ sexy underwear brands are very good in design and quality. It is worth mentioning that they are more intimate in the size of underwear than other brands and can meet the needs of different consumers.If you are looking for a sexy underwear with high cost performance, high comfort, excellent quality and freshness, you may wish to try these brands.