Men’s sexy underwear folding method

Men's sexy underwear folding method

Men’s sexy underwear folding method

Sexy underwear is a sexy and private underwear. Its materials and styles are different. Many couples like to buy sexy underwear to add passion.But sometimes when you travel or go out, it is a tricky problem with sexy lingerie. How to fold sexy underwear is a skill that needs to be mastered.Let’s introduce the method of folding men’s sexy underwear.

1. How to fold the sexy underwear of thin cicadas?

For those sexy underwear that is almost able to penetrate the past, we can use the "German stack method" to fold, to stack the horizontal or three parts of the sexy underwear, then vertically stacked into three parts, and finally fold them into a small rectangular shape into a small rectangular shapeThis can save space and stack neatly.

2. How to fold in the U -shaped cup of sexy underwear?

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The folding method of the U -shaped cup of sexy underwear is relatively similar. We need to invert the sexy underwear first, straighten the two pieces in the center, then cross the shoulder strap, and then fold to the bottom.It can make it more neat through the binding of the shoulder and belt.

3. How to fold triangular underwear?

For triangular underwear, most people use them to fold them horizontally by half and fold them into two ways. This kind of folding method is slightly single.If you want to better save triangle underwear, you can first fold the triangle underwear horizontally to three, and then fold it vertically into three, so that you will not leave the arc camping of the triangle underwear.

4. How to fold lace sex underwear?

Lace erotic underwear is a special underwear. Because its material is relatively soft, it will be a bit troublesome to fold.We can fold the horizontally of the lace sexy underwear, then turn the coaster to the side strap, then fold the shoulder strap to the side, fold the belt, and finally roll them together for easy storage.

5. How to fold a sexy underwear?

Hanging neck sexy underwear usually has lace decorations and buttons, and poor folding can cause deformation.We can flatten the hanging neck sexy underwear and fold both sides towards the center.Then fold the shoulder strap, fold at least three times, and tie the buttons on the other side.

6. How to fold in perceptual underwear?

Sometimes, we have put on a hurry folding sexy underwear, and then you can’t fold again.However, you can remake all parts of the sexy underwear and find the place that is most suitable for baggage.

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7. How to fold the inflatable doll?

Inflatable doll is a more distinctive sexy toy.When storing inflatable dolls, the doll should be nihile, pressing the baby’s body at the remaining gas, rolling it into a volume, and finally putting it in the bag to be stored further.

8. How to prevent sexy underwear wrinkles?

During the journey, erotic underwear will inevitably appear wrinkles. If you want to prevent these traces, we can put the sexy underwear plugs in the corner or socks of the liquid box.Stress, achieve better preservation effect.

Viewpoint: Mastering the folding method of sexy underwear is a must -have skill to store bags. This not only can better preserve sexy underwear, but also save a lot of time, so that you can fully enjoy the pleasure of carrying sexy underwear every time.