Sexy underwear AV massage

Sexy underwear AV massage

What is a sexy underwear AV massage?

Interesting underwear AV massage is a special massage technology that combines sexy underwear and AV technology.This technology can help people relax, relieve fatigue, and enhance sexual desire.Interesting underwear AV massage applications are widely used, which can be received in the sex shops or at home.

Types of sexy underwear AV massage

Sex underwear AV massage is divided into multiple types. Choosing different types of massage as required can bring better results.Among them, the most common is women’s massage, men’s massage, double massage, sexy lingerie mastage massage, back massage, hip massage, local massage, etc.

Women’s massage

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Women’s massage is suitable for women, mainly for women’s breast massage.This massage can regulate women’s hormonal levels, alleviate menstruation problems, and effectively promote blood circulation in breasts and prevent breast hyperplasia.

Men’s massage

Men’s massage is suitable for men, mainly for men’s reproductive organs.This massage can effectively promote blood circulation, help men to enhance sexual desire, and prevent glans from allergies.

Double massage

Double massage is a special massage method that requires two people to massage together.This massage can relieve stress, enhance the feelings between couples, and also bring more happy experience to two people.

Sexy lingerie mastage massage massage

Sexy lingerie mastage massage is a massage method suitable for men. It needs to be used with masturbate to simulate the real and sexy experience of women.This massage can meet the sexual needs of men and enhance the sense of sexual blessing.

Back massage

Back massage is usually suitable for women. It can effectively alleviate muscle fatigue and improve skin quality. At the same time, it can also regulate women’s hormonal levels and bring better health effects to women.


Hip massage

Hip massage is suitable for both men and women. This massage can effectively promote blood circulation, enhance the strength of hip muscles, and relieve sciatica.

Local massage

Local massage can choose abdominal massage, leg massage, arm massage, neck massage, etc. on the abdominal massage according to personal needs.This massage can effectively alleviate various muscle problems and enhance physical health.

Precautions for sexy underwear AV massage

When performing sexy underwear AV massage, you need to pay attention to the following items:

Select and reliable sexy underwear and massage equipment.

The massage time should not be too long, generally controlled within 30 minutes.

Massage intensity should be moderate to avoid excessive irritation, leading to physical discomfort.

Avoid sexy underwear AV massage under special circumstances such as menstruation and pregnancy.


In general, sexy underwear AV massage is a very useful massage method that can relieve fatigue, enhance sexual desire, and improve health.However, when performing sexy underwear AV massage, you must pay attention to reasonable selection of massage methods and precautions to avoid causing physical discomfort.Moreover, you should also choose carefully when buying sex products and choose a product of reliable quality.