Sexy underwear Beauty Outdoor Walk

Sexy underwear Beauty Outdoor Walk

Sexy underwear Beauty Outdoor Walk


In today’s society, women pay more and more attention to their own image and self -confidence.Interest underwear plays a very positive role in promoting.In outdoor activities, choosing the right sexy underwear can bring a better exercise experience to women.This article will introduce some sexy lingerie styles and materials that are suitable for beautiful women outdoor.

Material with strong breathability

Outdoors often face high temperature and sweat in summer.Therefore, choosing a sexy lingerie with strong breathability is essential for beauties.Generally, the sexy underwear of wool, silk and cotton is not suitable for outdoor sports, while the material of polyester fibers and Lycra is more breathable, which is very suitable for outdoor wearing.

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Model suitable for exercise

Outdoor activities need to do a lot of exercise, so the style of sexy underwear also needs to consider whether it is suitable for exercise.Vests, light corsets and seamless underwear are the best choices, because they can ensure comfort and not be easily disturbed by exercise.

Specially designed sexy underwear

Some sexy lingerie brands have designed a series of sexy styles for outdoor sports enthusiasts.These sexy underwear is very sexy in appearance, and also considers the special needs of the outdoor environment, such as permeal material, seamless design, tight tailoring, and so on.

Balance of comfort and safety

When wearing sexy underwear outdoors, we must not only pursue comfort, but also know how to balance security.If you will participate in sports, it is best to choose those underwear that can balance the breast movement to avoid discomfort or injury caused by the chest shaking.

Various colors and styles

The color and style of sexy underwear are countless, covering all kinds of needs and preferences.In outdoor occasions, it is recommended that beautiful women choose a colorful and simple style of style, which can not only meet the sexy needs, but also meet the requirements of outdoor clothing.

Use shoulder straps and suspenders


The shoulder straps and suspenders can provide additional support for underwear to avoid sagging of the breast and strenuous running and other activities.In outdoor sports, the support of the shoulder strap will be more important, and the suspender can make you wear it at will in other occasions.

Nude color sexy underwear

In some special occasions, white and black sexy underwear may be more conspicuous, so the flesh -colored erotic underwear came into being.Not only can meat and erotic lingerie not only avoid too much attention, but also improve the fusion of the air when outdoors, making your skin look more natural.

Reasonable washing method

Women who often participate in outdoor activities, especially those who choose high -temperature and high -intensity exercise, are also very important for sexy underwear.During the washing process, add some soft agents and bleaching agents to make the underwear softer and improve the comfort of wearing.

in conclusion

In outdoor sports, sexy underwear is very important in terms of comfort, beauty and sports effect.When choosing sexy underwear, you should consider various factors such as material, style, breathability, support, and washing methods, so that you can experience beautiful exercise time outdoors.