Sexy underwear beauty silicone doll

Sexy underwear beauty silicone doll

Silicone Doll Overview

The sexy underwear industry has gradually penetrated people’s lives.From fancy pajamas, stockings to sexy underwear that walks out of the bedroom, these clothing has become more and more popular.In recent years, silicone dolls have become the new favorite of the sexy underwear industry, and it has become a new must -have for many people.Silicone dolls are real, reliable, and moderate, and more and more people use it as their own toy.However, for those who first buy a silicone doll, how to choose the right model and style is a big challenge.In this article, the purchase elements and precautions of the silicone doll will be introduced to help readers choose the most suitable sexy toys.

Choose the type of silicone doll

There are many different types of silicone dolls.Some silicone puppets are moving throughout the body and can perform various postures, while others are half -bodies or parts of the body, shape or simulating female or male body.When buying a silicone doll, consider using the purpose and budget, and choose the appropriate model.

Silicone doll material

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The quality and safety of silicone dolls are closely related to materials.Under normal circumstances, the outer layer of the silicone doll is made of silicone, and the inside is filled with polymer materials.High -quality silicone puppets use 100%pure benzene -based ethylene components, which have good plasticity, antioxidant and elasticity, which is harmless to the human body.

Silicon doll size

The size of the silicone doll is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing.Generally speaking, the height of the silicone doll is between 1.5 meters and 1.7 meters and is suitable for most people.However, for users with smaller living space, choosing short silicone puppets is also an excellent choice.

The weight of the silicone doll

The weight of the silicone doll is very important for users.Under normal circumstances, the weight of the silicone doll is between 30 kg and 40 kg, and many silicone puppets can be decomposed into small components for more convenient transportation and storage.

Salvation of silicone dolls

The preservation of silicone dolls is also very important.Before using a silicone doll, it should be stored in places with dryness, ventilation and suitable temperature.Silicone puppets should avoid being directly shot by sunlight and keep dry to prevent mildew.

Silicone doll cleaning

Cleaning silicone puppets are very important. It can prevent bacteria from breeding and prolong the life of the silicone doll.When cleaning the silicone doll, special cleaner and cleaning tools need to be used.Before using the silicone doll, please read the instruction manual to understand the cleaning method and warning matters.

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The price of silicone doll

The price of silicone puppets varies from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan due to its models, sizes, materials and production brands.Choosing a cheap silicone puppet may have defects in the quality of silicone or manufacturing process, and excessive expensive silicone dolls are not necessarily the best choice.

Precautions for buying silicone dolls

Before buying a silicone doll, you should learn about relevant laws and regulations to ensure that your consumer behavior will not infringe on the rights and interests of others.When choosing a silicone doll, you should choose a legal and genuine silicone doll to ensure its quality and safety.

The use of silicone dolls

The use scene of silicone dolls includes family, apartments, private clubs, and private clubs.Users should choose the right scenario and abide by relevant regulations and terms.At the same time, users who use silicone puppets or silicone dolls in public places should maintain low -key and protect their privacy.

Conclusion of choosing a silicone doll

In summary, the silicone puppet is a high -quality, high -safety sex toy with a variety of different types, sizes, materials and prices.When choosing a silicone doll, you should understand the relevant selection factors and precautions, and select the appropriate model and style.Buying high -quality, legal compliance, and genuine silicone puppets, and rational use and maintenance of silicone puppets are the key to ensuring safety.