Sexy underwear beauty style

Sexy underwear beauty style

What is sexy underwear beauty

Interesting underwear American style refers to sexy underwear from the United States. A strong American culture and artistic sense are its biggest features.Compared to sexy underwear in other regions, the diversity is more rich in style and pays more attention to the processing and coordination of details.The high -quality fabric and craftsmanship of American sexy underwear perfectly combines sexy and art to become one of the representatives of international sex lingerie.

American sexy underwear style

The style of American sexy underwear is mainly divided into two categories: one is lace, mainly based on lace trims and lace fabrics. The design is simple and generous.It is usually designed with gauze, lace, and silk fabrics, which is more suitable for sexy equipment when love.

The color of American sexy underwear

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American erotic lingerie is good at using high -saturation colors, attaching importance to the contrast and reconciliation of color.Black, white and red are the three most basic colors. In addition, there are common colors such as purple, pink, blue, yellow.At present, there are still some unreasonable styles that are designed with graffiti or letters patterns, which is more in line with the personality and trend of young people.

Size of American sexy underwear

The size of American sexy underwear focuses on the fit and details of wearing.The conventional size from XS to 3XL covers the needs of most women.Among them, the sales volume of S and M is generally high, and it is also a size with a large amount of supply in the brand.For customers with smaller figures, brands have launched the corresponding PETITE series, which has a more detailed scale and contrast, so that customers can fully feel the brand’s intentions.

The difference between American sexy underwear and European and American sexy underwear

Compared to European and American sexy underwear, American sexy underwear pays more attention to the expression and interpretation of American culture.For example, many American elements are applied in design, such as American back details, materials and thickness of the hardware buckle ring, which shows that it is carefully crafted.And European and American sex underwear has the temperament of "European -style romance" and "French elegance".

American sexy underwear brand

There are many brands in American sexy underwear, and each brand has its unique style and characteristics, such as Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, etc.These brands enjoy the fun underwear industry with high -quality fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship and design originality.In addition, some of the small Biwu manufacturers also provide their own brands, which are affordable, but quality, design and materials need to be further improved.

American sexy underwear material

Most American sexy underwear uses natural fibers, such as cotton, lace, velvet and other fabrics. There are also brands using polyester fibers, which are generally used to enhance the intensity and ductility of clothing and enhance the passenger’s wear experience.Most of the fabrics such as cotton and silk are mostly used in the production of thin or comfortable underwear in summer.

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Maintenance of American sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special clothing, and its maintenance also requires a special way, and it cannot be blends directly with ordinary clothes.Generally speaking, sexy underwear should be washed by hand. Use neutral washing solution. The washing time should not be too long. Do not use dehydrated machinery for squeezing, let alone expose it.Simple protection and maintenance work can effectively improve the quality and life of sexy underwear.

American sexy underwear match

The matching of American sexy underwear can be divided into two aspects: color matching and sexy products.The principle of color matching is not to exceed three colors, and the color should be coordinated to highlight the taste.The matching of sex products should be selected according to the occasion. Different erotic supplies will make the atmosphere of the whole night different, and need to be considered from multiple angles.

American erotic underwear point of view

The charm of American sexy underwear is its rich American culture and artistic sense. It has high -quality fabrics and craftsmanship, perfectly combining sexy and artistic arts, and has become one of the representatives of international sex lingerie.With the continuous expansion of the global sexy underwear market and the increasingly open sense of sexuality, the market prospects of American sex lingerie are very large.Although the popularity of American sexy underwear in China is not high enough, more and more people are tasteing the unique charm of beautiful sexy underwear.