Sexy underwear big size split picture

Sexy underwear big size split picture

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Sexy underwear big size split picture

Large -size women want to wear sexy sexy underwear, but often face the difficulty of size.However, don’t worry, there are already many brand -launching sexy lingerie styles launched by large size women in the market.Among them, sexy underwear with split design is welcomed by large size women.Below, let’s take a look at the characteristics and recommendation styles of large -size split sexy underwear.

1. The characteristics of split design

The split design means that the underwear has a split gap, so that the underwear can be separated without affecting wearing.This design allows women to wear sexy underwear more freely and comfortably, but also more sexy and charming.For large -size women, the split design can also avoid uncomfortable underwear and panties.

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2. Recommended style one: split stockings set

Spiming stockings set is a very popular sexy lingerie style.It usually contains a top and a pair of stockings.The top of the top is generally made of knitted material, soft and comfortable, and has certain elasticity.The stockings are designed through the split design, so that large -size women can wear more freely.

3. Recommended style two: split jumpsuits

Spoken jumpsuit is a very sexy sexy lingerie style.It is made of elastic material, which can be tightly attached to the body after putting it on.At the same time, the split design also makes large size women wears more free, and will not be too tight.Spoken jumpsuits are usually equipped with a variety of colors and patterns, allowing women to choose according to their preferences.

4. Recommended style three: split sling skirt

The split skirt is a very sexy sexy lingerie style.Its design is very simple, that is, a suspender skirt with a split design.Large -size women can easily show a charming curve after wearing it.At the same time, the camisole design also makes the entire shape more sexy.

5. Recommended style four: split vest

The split vest is a more conservative sexy lingerie style.The design of the vest is very simple, that is, a uniform fabric, with a split design on the back and chest.After wearing large -size women, it can show the sexy back and front chest part, while maintaining a certain restraint.

6. Pay attention to the problem of large size split sex underwear.


Although the split design allows large size women to wear more comfortable and free, you also need to pay attention to some problems during the dressing process.First of all, it is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.Excessive size or too much will make the split design lose effect.At the same time, pay attention to keeping clean and hygiene in private parts to avoid bacterial infections.

7. Pay attention to maintaining sexy underwear

Exquisite sexy underwear needs to be carefully maintained.First of all, pay more attention to hand washing to avoid using washing machines to avoid damage to the damage of sexy underwear.At the same time, avoid direct sunlight when drying, and you should choose a cool and ventilated place for drying.

8. Summary

Large -size women can choose to split sex underwear to show their charming curve and sexy charm.The split design can not only make wearing more free and comfortable, but also to show a better figure.However, we must also pay attention to choosing the right style and size, and pay attention to maintaining sexy underwear to make it more long -lasting.