Sexy underwear men’s private parts

Sexy underwear men's private parts


When talking about sexy underwear, many people first think of women’s underwear, however, sexy underwear can also be worn by men.The main design direction of men’s sex underwear is to highlight the visual effect of private parts.This article will introduce you to the type of male sex lingerie and how to choose the style that suits you.

Gathering underwear

Gathering underwear is designed to highlight the men’s penis.It usually uses thicker materials to create outstanding results with enhanced sutures and edges.This is a very practical choice for men who want to get attention under special occasions.


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Triangle pants are a traditional style in men’s erotic underwear.It adopts a traditional triangular design that can provide men with simple and practical comfort.At the same time, while highlighting the private parts of men, it will not look too exaggerated and eye -catching.

Digital printing underwear

Digital printing underwear usually uses creative and vivid patterns, which can be anything, from football team emblem to colorful patterns.For some men in pursuit of freshness and like to try different designs, digital printing underwear is a very good choice.

Zipper panties

Zipper panties are a design that can make surprises suddenly.Some zipper panties use a design similar to the front buckle. After opening, it will show outstanding results, add more stimuli, and naturally add a lot of fun to themselves.

Exposed underwear

Bone -type underwear is a style that makes your private parts look more charming.Generally, this underwear uses thinner materials and uses designable sutures and details to fully expose the penis.


Bag shorts are a design that highlights your "male charm".This kind of underwear is usually close to the body to make the penis area look fuller

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Open panties in front

The opening underwear in front is a simple design of underwear.There is an open opening in front of it, which looks like a short of shorts in front, making your penis more prominent.

Hook band underwear

Hook band underwear is a style of pursuit of details.Its design is to use the hook band to pull the reproductive organs out of the bones to achieve more prominent results.

Choose a style that suits you

Choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for men.First, you should consider the occasion.If you are participating in a sexy theme party, then you can choose a more exaggerated style; if you just want to surprise your lover, then a sexy minimalist style is sufficient.At the same time, clothes must be suitable for your body. It is very important to choose a size. Choosing the appropriate size can avoid discomfort when wearing.

in conclusion

In short, men’s sexy underwear is a costume that can increase self -confidence and add fun.It is very important to choose a style that suits you. You must consider the occasion and size.Whether you are participating in a sexy theme party or a surprise you want to give your lover, sexy underwear must be worth buying.