Sexy underwear shows hair

Sexy underwear shows hair

Sexy underwear shows hair

Sexy underwear, as a unique underwear, aims to enrich people’s sexual experience. Consultants are often asked many problems related to sexy underwear.And the most common question is: Why do I buy sexy lingerie in the face of wearing hair quickly?

Materials are the key

The sexy underwear is unique. Unlike daily underwear, their production and use materials need to be specially considered.Some cheap erotic underwear is prone to cracks and edges due to inferior materials.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must carefully check the material and quality of the product.

Style is not suitable

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Everyone’s body shape is different, and the sexy underwear in different styles is different.If you choose the style that is not suitable for you, it will not only affect the aesthetics, but also cause uncomfortable wear, and even the problem of premature exposure of hair edges.

Improper size selection

To avoid the problem of premature hairs of sexy underwear, another key factor is the size.If you choose too large or too small, it will affect the wearing experience and service life of sexy underwear.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must carefully measure your body size and choose a size that suits you.

Improper cleaning method

Cleaning method is also an important factor affecting the life of sexy underwear.Some erotic underwear requires hand washing, and some can be washed.If you don’t know how to clean it, or choose the wrong cleaning method, it will easily lead to premature exposure of the edges and affect life.

Not pay attention to maintenance

Interest underwear not only requires the correct way of cleaning, but also needs to pay attention to daily maintenance.For example, placing in a humid environment for a long time can cause sexy underwear to be eroded by mold; excessive exposure to the sun will cause sexy underwear to deform, and so on.Pay attention to these details to make sexy underwear more durable and more beautiful.

Excessive pursuit of sexy

Some people are too pursuing sexy and bold when they buy sexy underwear, which leads to the choice of excessive exposure. Improper wear adjustment can easily lead to premature exposure of wool edges.Although "sexy" is one of the characteristics of sexy underwear, it should not be excessive, focusing on suitable and comfortable and sexy.

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Choose improper occasions

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions. When wearing sexy underwear on different occasions, you need to match different clothing, otherwise it will appear too exposed.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to your needs and occasions to avoid wearing too exposed erotic underwear on inappropriate occasions.

Sexy underwear also needs to be replaced

Sexy underwear is a special underwear category that needs to be carefully maintained and maintained to use it longer.But even so, sexy underwear still has a life life.Therefore, we also need to replace them in time according to the service life of sexy underwear to ensure quality and comfort.


The above are some key factors that can easily lead to premature exposure of sexy underwear. Understanding these factors, we can avoid adverse consequences when using sexy underwear.Of course, it is also important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your own. It is necessary to find high -quality and suitable sexy underwear to make your sex experience more perfect.