Sexy underwear torture appliances

Understand the torture of love underwear

The design of sex underwear is inspired by SM culture and classical erotic literature.These underwear are designed with certain stimulation and torture effects, allowing people to try new stimulus in love life.Here are some common sexy underwear torture.

Handcuffs and feet

Handcuffs and footsteps are one of the oldest and most common torture tools.They are usually made of metal or leather, which can make people’s hands and feet be fixed together.This sexy underwear can increase the feeling of tight binding, thereby making sexual impulses stronger.

Clip and mouth clip

Mouth balls and clips are a device that can limit people to speak.It is usually made of organic materials such as rubber, silicone, and plastic. It can be installed in the mouth, which can hinder the sound of the object of abuse.This sexy underwear can make people feel that they are subject to their lover, so that the other party can get a greater sense of control.

Milk clip and vaginal clip

The milk clip and vaginal clip are a stimulating fixture that can be used to distort the senses and give pain.The milk clip can be sandwiched on the nipple, and the vaginal clip can be clamped on the labia.When using this sexy underwear, be sure to control the strength to avoid unnecessary damage.

Whip and leather whip

Plogs and leather whip are a common SM sexy underwear.They can be used to punish and fight abusers.You must be very cautious when using this sexy underwear, and don’t play too much.

Candle oil and candle

This kind of sexy underwear has unique changes in the candle core color and core form of the candlestick. From ordinary white or yellow to mysterious black or white, it creates a different interest atmosphere.The most distinctive feature of this sexy underwear is that changes instantly create the romance of love life, leaving a romantic mood in the candlelight.

Suit and binding rope

The rings and bondage ropes are a kind of sexy underwear with a strong sense of restraint.The ring is a ring appliance, which is usually put on the male penis, which allows men to feel the feeling of being restrained more strongly when having sex.The restraint rope can make people’s hands and feet restraint on the body, increasing the sense of restraint of the abused object.

Interest stockings and high heels

Interest stockings and high heels are a kind of sexy and sexy sexy underwear.Stockings can make women’s legs more beautiful and strengthen the sexy atmosphere.And high heels make women look more elegant, increase sexual interest and attractiveness.

Tips and sexy pajamas

Tips and sexy pajamas are a kind of sexy underwear that makes people feel tempting and sexy.The design style of these underwear is simple, and some even look like ordinary pajamas, but sexy materials and tailoring can make people feel more intense sexual impulse.

Sexy suit

Sexy suits are a variety of sexy underwear with a variety of elements, usually containing multiple clothing, including wigs, clothes, shoes and various sex toys.This kind of sexy underwear is usually designed to diverse, which can not only meet sexual interests, but also meet people’s psychological needs for new and change.

The application of sex underwear is safe

When using sexy underwear, you must pay attention to safety.Do not use these sexual tools, and do not use outdated or bad products.Before use, you should check the quality and use of these sexy underwear in order to prevent unnecessary damage.

in conclusion

Fun underwear torture appliances allow people to create unusual love experience and increase the fun of life.However, you should pay attention to safety with these sexy underwear, otherwise it may cause unnecessary harm.Only in the process of experienced sexy underwear can you really enjoy the excitement and fun brought by them.

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