Sexy underwear uniforms seduce open crotch

Sexy underwear uniforms seduce open crotch

Sexy underwear uniforms seduce open crotch

In the sexy underwear series, uniform temptation to open crotch is a common type.It uses the style of uniform dressing, through creative design and open crotch, bringing people a more exciting and enjoyable feeling.Below, let’s take a look at the details of this sexy underwear.

What is a uniform temptation to open the crotch

Uniform temptation to open crotch is a product that combines uniforms and sexy underwear.It usually adopts uniform styles such as school girls, police policewoman, etc., integrates the design of cultural elements and fashion creativity, and creates a sexy temptation atmosphere.The design of the open crotch allows the wearer to be more stimulated while enjoying the pleasure.

For people

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Uniform temptation to open crotch is suitable for husband and wife sex supplies, sex flirting, role -playing, and sex elite occasions.For those who pursue pleasure and excitement, it can meet their needs and allow them to better enjoy the process of sex.

Material and style

The material of the uniform seduces the crotch is usually soft, comfortable cotton and elastic fibers.In terms of styles, in addition to traditional police, students and nurse uniforms, there are various sexy deformed designs, such as three -point and vest.In addition, some brands will add various innovative elements, such as lace, corners, sequins, bow, etc., which enrich the appearance and texture of the product.

How to choose the size

How to choose the right size is a question that you need to consider when buying uniforms to seduce the crotch.It is recommended to measure the size of key parts such as waist circumference, hip and bust, and then select the size that suits you best according to the size of the product description.It should be noted that because the cutting of some styles is relatively tight, a larger size may be necessary to consider choosing a larger code.

Way of wear

Wearing uniforms to seduce open crotch requires some tips.First of all, take off underwear and bras such as underwear and bra, then put your uniform on your body, and try to create the best effect; second, cut the sewing thread on the crotch at the crotch position, and then put on stockings and high heels.Can increase the sexy atmosphere.

Maintenance and cleanliness

Maintenance and cleaning uniforms to seduce open crotch is the key to maintaining product performance and extending service life.Because the material is relatively soft and easy to deform, it is recommended to wash it by hand. When the cold water is rubbed lightly, it is placed in a ventilated place to dry.At the same time, pay attention to avoid exposure and high temperature to avoid damaging the fabric or fading the color.

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With suggestions

Correct combination can make uniform temptation to open crotch and make your identity more clear in the process of sex.For example, with a policeman or nurse hat and other headdresses, wearers can have more relevant identity characteristics; coupled with sexy boots or stockings, it can increase temptation; in terms of covering private, it can be used with some gauze with strong lace and perspective effectsSkirts and stockings.

Brand recommendation

There are many uniforms on the market to seduce open crotch brands. Some of them include well -known domestic brands Aimi, Samus and Emiio, and European and American brands Leg Avenue, Seven Til Midnight, etc.The style and design of different brands are different, and choices need to be made according to their own needs and preferences.


Finally, I will introduce a few tips.First, it is recommended to use a small amount of lubricant to avoid damage to the uniform.Second, choose the right occasion and time to wear to avoid causing convenience and unnecessary embarrassment.Finally, when buying uniforms to seduce open crotch, it is best to choose regular channels or merchants to ensure product quality and services.


In summary, uniform temptation to open crotch is a product that integrates uniforms and sexy underwear.It uses cultural elements and creative design to bring people a more exciting and enjoyable feeling in the process of sex.When buying, you need to consider factors such as materials and sizes, and it is also the key to correctly wear and maintain.I hope that this article can help you solve the type of lingerie and choice.