Sexy underwear women’s attack training video

Sexy underwear women's attack training video

Sexy underwear women’s attack tune video: a step that makes women more confident

Interest underwear has always been an indispensable element of sex.They provide different styles, fancy and colors.Can make women get rid of the traditional restraint and shyness, showing amazing self -confidence and sexy.However, not all women know how to wear sexy underwear, or how to use sexy underwear cleverly in sex.Therefore, we began to make this series of sexy underwear women’s offensive training videos, which aims to help more women find a better self.

Step 1: Understand the style of love lingerie

First of all, when choosing sexy underwear, it is important to understand your figure and taste.Common erotic underwear is: cover -skirt -like perspectives, braings, bondage, lace border, and so on.In addition, different colors and styles also show different sexy and charm.Therefore, women should understand various styles and color design, and choose the sexy underwear that suits them best according to their figure and taste.

Step 2: Select the right size

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You can wear the best style of sexy underwear, but if the size is not suitable, they may bring pain and discomfort to your body.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, be sure to measure your bust, waist and hips to determine the correct size.When choosing a sexy underwear size, it is recommended to choose a slightly loose size, which can be both comfortable and sexy.

Step 3: How to wear pantyhose

Many women will wear pantyhose when wearing fun underwear.At this time, we can choose to wear naked feet or put pantyhose directly on the outside of the sexy underwear.If you choose to wear a sexy underwear, the color and material of the pantyhose should be matched with the sexy underwear, which looks more coordinated and sexy.

Step 4: Selection of sexy underwear in different scenarios

Different scenarios require different types of sexy underwear.For example, the sexy underwear wearing transparent lace underwear is obviously not suitable for wearing in the company’s conference.Therefore, according to different scenarios, choosing different types of sexy underwear can make you look mysterious, sexy and confident in any case.

Step 5: Use sexy underwear to enhance sex experience

Interest underwear can not only help women more confident, but also can be used to enhance sexual experience.Wearing perspective hoods, interesting socks and S & M restraint in sex can bring stimulus and fun to couples.In addition, the material and modeling design of sexy underwear can also make you more sensitive and pleasant.

Step 6: Fun underwear with style clothing

In addition to sex, erotic underwear can also be paired with other daily clothing to create different sexy styles, such as low -cut super mini skirts, denim shorts, tight skirts and high heels.


Step 7: How to store sexy underwear

Few people noticed that sex underwear also requires higher storage.Because the sexy underwear is mostly light material, it should be carefully stored to protect the quality and beauty of the materials.Therefore, it is recommended to store them through hooks or drawers to avoid wear and damage.

Step 8: How to clean sexy underwear

Sex underwear requires a special cleaning method to maintain the beauty and hygiene of materials.It is recommended to use hand washing or mild programs.The use of bleach or high temperature drying will destroy the quality and aesthetics of sexy underwear.


Sex underwear can help women more comfortable in sex, and can show their charm and sexy.Through this series of sexy underwear women’s offensive videos, I hope that women can understand the different styles and usage methods of erotic underwear, find a sexy underwear that suits them, and be more confident, happy and comfortable.