Shanghai 2012 sexy underwear

Shanghai 2012 sexy underwear

Shanghai 2012 sex lingerie show

The Shanghai Fairy Underwear Exhibition has been successfully held for ten years since 2003. The 2012 exhibition preparation has become more exciting.In addition to conventional sexy underwear fashion shows, there will be more new styles and designer works.Next, let’s discuss this year’s sex underwear exhibition.

New product promotion

The most anticipated at the exhibition is the new product promotion. This year’s exhibition will have more brands to launch new styles of underwear.All major brands have sent their designer teams to design these new products. The designers have adopted new fabrics and more design elements, making these underwear more fashionable and sexy.You can see the display and fashion show at the exhibition, and you can also buy it on the spot.

Classic style return

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There will be many classic styles to return this year’s sex underwear exhibition. These styles have been warmly welcomed by the audience at the previous exhibition.The classic style is not outdated. Every season, there are fashion elements to join. These underwear are unique and suitable for female friends.These classic styles can be tried to buy at the exhibition.

Star endorsement underwear

Major brands will also invite celebrities to endorse this year and hold underwear shows to promote new products.The famous models, singers and actors show their endorsement underwear at the exhibition and make fashion shows.These stars endorsement underwear is more fashionable and personalized than ordinary styles, and it is also easier to be accepted and liked by the public.If you are a fan of these stars, you may wish to see their style at the exhibition.

Men’s underwear area

Not only can women watch sexy underwear, but men can also see the men’s underwear area at the exhibition.These underwear are especially suitable for men who like to live together.The men’s underwear area has a variety of different styles and fabrics, which fully meets the needs of male friends.

Buyer trade negotiation

In addition to watching fashion shows and buying underwear, the exhibition is also a platform for buyers and underwear manufacturers to conduct trade negotiations.Buyers from all over the world are looking for suitable underwear manufacturers and suppliers here.If you are a underwear manufacturer or supplier, don’t miss this opportunity to show your product.

Fashion station street

At the exhibition site, there are not only places to buy underwear, but also many places to sell underwear.The underwear merchants fully show their products at the small roads around the exhibition.These merchants have local, foreign, and even foreign merchants.If you don’t want to buy it in the exhibition hall, you can go outside, maybe there will be surprises.


Gifts and special products

If you buy a certain amount of underwear, you still have a chance to get some small gifts.Merchants at the underwear exhibition will also sell special products on the periphery.If you want to buy more cost -effective underwear, you may wish to go to these selling points.

Exhibition hall traffic

The Shanghai 2012 Inskirts Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, with the address of No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai.The transportation of the exhibition hall is very convenient. You can take the Metro Line 2 or Line 7 to get off at Longyang Road Station and walk to the exhibition hall.At the same time, carefully arrange the time and journey of exhibitions, and have more time to visit all exhibition areas.

Exhibition hall safety

The safety of the exhibition hall is always the top priority of the organizer.Set up monitoring equipment in the exhibition hall, and professional security guards are responsible for safety guards.Emergency medical services will also be provided in the exhibition hall to ensure that the audience is safe and happy during the exhibition.


The Shanghai 2012 Foch Underwear Exhibition provides a platform for comprehensively understanding and purchasing various sexy underwear.Whether you are a fun underwear enthusiast, or a merchant or a buyer, you can find the most suitable underwear products here.For female friends who like sexy underwear, this exhibition is definitely a grand event that should not be missed.