Short to wear 1 meter 6 sex underwear

Short to wear 1 meter 6 sex underwear


Regardless of your height, you should have your favorite sexy underwear.For some short height women, there may be some challenges to wear.However, as long as you understand some matching skills, short women can also wear their own personality.Next, we will explore how the short women wear 1.6 meters of sex underwear.

Long style

If you want to look taller, I recommend wearing long sexy underwear.This style can lengthen the legs of the legs and increase some sense of height.Moreover, this style is very suitable for wearing in the cold winter, which can cover the legs without losing beauty.

High waist pants match

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High -waist pants are the best friends of short women.This way of wearing can make the legs look more slender while shaping a better figure.If you want to wear short sexy underwear, you might as well match high waist pants, so as to avoid exposing too much skin.

Black classic

Black erotic underwear is a classic in the classics. It can not only wear your sexy charm, but also help you look taller.Black sexy underwear can effectively absorb light and make your environment darker, which further extends your body proportion.

V -word collar design

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can consider choosing the style of the V -shaped collar design.V -neck can highlight the chest curve, while lengthening the neck lines, making you look taller.This design is suitable for all women with height, especially short children.

Dark color matching

In addition to black styles, short women can also choose some dark sexy underwear for matching.These colors will make you look taller, and bright colors often easily shorten the proportion of figure.Therefore, if you want to wear your own high sense, you can choose a dark style style.

High heel blessing

High heels are short -sized savior.It can make you look taller, and at the same time let you wear a better proportion.If you want to wear short sexy underwear, you can choose high heels for matching, so that your legs can look longer.


Sleeveless design

If you want to wear a more sexy feeling, you can choose a sleeveless sexy underwear.This design can show your clavicle lines, making you look taller.In addition, the sleeveless style is also very suitable for high -waist pants, which can achieve the effect of lengthening the leg lines.

Fish mouth shoes matching

In addition to high heels, fish -mouth shoes are also a good choice for short women.This style can shape a better figure, making you look taller.It is recommended to choose light -colored fish mouth shoes for matching, so that you can look more refreshing and light.

Use stockings

Using stockings can not only look more sexy, but also effectively stretch the leg lines to make you look higher.If you want to wear short sexy underwear, you can choose plain stockings to match.It is recommended not to choose fancy stockings, it is easy to be dazzling and affect the matching effect.


When wearing fun underwear, short women should pay attention to choose long, black, V -neck, sleeveless and other styles, with fish mouth shoes, stockings and other items.This can help you look taller and make your body ratio more perfect.Put out your own personality and enjoy your charm!