Small chest sex lingerie choice

Small chest sex lingerie choice

Small chest sex lingerie choice

Step 1: Correctly measure your bust size

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you first need to measure your bust size correctly to ensure that the selected underwear can fit the body comfortably and make yourself feel comfortable and confident.You can use a soft ruler or go to a professional underwear shop to help the shop assistant measurement to ensure accuracy.

Step 2: Choose underwear with inner lining or thickened pads

Women of small breasts can choose sexy underwear with lining or thickened pads. This underwear can effectively shape the chest lines and create a more perfect figure curve.

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Step 3: Choose dense lace or lace style

Selecting internal vertical lace or lace -style sexy underwear can visually increase the visual area of the chest.In addition, these styles are also very feminine and enhance their charm.

Step 4: Avoid the style of one shoulder or shoulder -free strap

Women of small breasts should avoid choosing sexy underwear with one -shoulder or shoulder -free strap, which can make the chest lines look more flat.You should choose a sexy underwear with a wide shoulder strap to better improve the chest lines.

Step 5: Choose a style that is closely as close as possible

For small breasts, try to choose sexy underwear with a strong sense of closeness and wrapping.

Step 6: Choose a relatively lighter V -shaped style

Small breasts are suitable for choosing shallow V -shaped sexy underwear, which can make the chest lines more prominent.At the same time, the design of V -shaped is also more sexy, helping to enhance its charm.

Step 7: Choose a layered style

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Choose a layered sexy underwear, which can make the chest look more three -dimensional and have a sense of shape. Choose a more three -dimensional tailoring and fabric material.

Step 8: Choose a style that will not have a gap in wearing

Women of small breasts should choose to wear sexy underwear without gaps and loose phenomena. This underwear can make themselves feel more comfortable and more in line with the requirements of sexy underwear.

Step 9: Select Underwear with simple styles and smooth lines

For small breasts, choosing a simple and smooth sexy underwear can highlight their figure lines and make the body more perfect.

Step 10: Choose according to your preferences

Finally, choose sexy underwear according to your preference.If you feel comfortable and confident in underwear, then you can choose any style.The only criterion depends on whether you like it and be comfortable and confident.

in conclusion

It is not difficult to choose sexy underwear for small breasts. You only need to choose the style of underwear that suits you according to your body characteristics and inner preferences.Remember, the most important thing is to choose a comfortable and confident erotic underwear to make yourself feel confident and beautiful, and exude a charming charm.