Split sex underwear video

Split sex underwear video


Interest underwear is a choice that can inspire enthusiasm and romance. It can not only meet the pleasure needs of both men and women, but also make the opposite sex more intense desire and attractiveness.In the type of erotic underwear, split sexy underwear is considered one of the representatives of sexy and powerful.Today we will discuss the mystery of the spoil sex underwear and its role in sexy dressing.

Type of split sex underwear

There are many types of split sex underwear from the style, including T -shaped splits, teasing split, open split, etc. For different situations, seasons, body types and purposes, the designers have developed various types of open opening.Forky underwear, there is always one for you.When choosing, you need to buy according to your own needs and characteristics.

Sexy level and color selection

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Color and sexy are two key choices.For beginners, the three colors of black, red, and purple are the most classic and the easiest color choice.In terms of sexy level, the style close to skin tone and strong perspective is more suitable for senior enthusiasts.

Way of matching

The split sex lingerie is very easy to match with tops and bottoms. Whether it is summer or winter, you can use the split sex underwear and different clothing.If you are a beautiful person, you must pay attention to the effect of sexy underwear and clothing when matching, making your temperament more beautiful and charming.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are very important, especially after you use it to be cleaned and disinfected in time to prevent bacteria and viruses from breeding.In addition, do not use a cleaning agent containing acid -base ingredients. After cleaning, it should be dried in ventilation. Do not use the sun.

Appropriate body shape

The split sex underwear is suitable for sexy and long body or a moderate fat body, eliminating the size of a large belly, a large gap between the waist and hip size.In addition, for women with smaller breasts and soft texture, T -type splitting will be more appropriate, and for women with breast enhancement and willow waist, teasing and open splitting will be more sexy and powerful.

Paired with sexy panties

Generally, sexy underwear needs to be worn with sexy underwear, which is in line with the overall theme.For split sexy underwear, you can choose sexy underwear such as low waist, bow, lace, etc. to make your sexy degree more.


DIY sexy underwear

If you are a hand -made person, you can try to make a set of sexy underwear yourself.This requires a certain foundation and skills. You also need to pay special attention to the selection of materials and production tools, but it can fully satisfy your DIY desire, and it is also a kind of fun of production and creation. It is worth trying.

What you need to pay attention to when you wear

When wearing a split sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your body feelings.Especially the T -shaped split, it is easy to slide. You need to pay attention to whether you are fixed and reliable when you wear it to avoid unexpected embarrassment.In addition, sexy underwear should not be too long to avoid affecting health, and the operation and occasion should be appropriate.

Suitable occasion

The split sex underwear is suitable for use in sexual life, which can greatly increase the taste and romance of couples, and inspire each other’s enthusiasm and desire.At the same time, if you are participating in some nightclub parties or Kaisen’s venues, you can also use the split sexy underwear as a weapon for your sexy image.


As a sexy and powerful representative, split sex underwear plays an important role in sex life.At the same time, it also has a certain artistic and creative, which can meet the DIY desires of different people.No matter how you choose, as long as you meet your needs and characteristics, you can achieve the effect of increasing interest, enthusiasm and attractiveness.Wish everyone who can find their own spoils and enjoy a beautiful sex life.