Taiwan sex underwear show festival name

Taiwan sex underwear show festival name


Every year Valentine’s Day is one of the favorite festivals of couples.For those who like sexy underwear, Taiwan’s sexy underwear show is a thing that cannot be missed.In addition to Valentine’s Day, there are other festivals in Taiwan (here are just examples) to enjoy the sexy underwear show, which is exciting.

Mid -Autumn Festival Welling Underwear Show

The Mid -Autumn Festival is a very important traditional festival in China.However, the Taiwanese have introduced this festival and invented some very interesting celebrations.The sexy lingerie show of the Mid -Autumn Festival is one of them.Different from other times the sexy underwear show, the sexy underwear show of the Mid -Autumn Festival often introduces some traditional Mid -Autumn Festival elements, such as moon cakes, lanterns, and so on.

Halloween sex underwear show

In Western countries, October 31st is Halloween, a festival to celebrate ghosts and horror.In Taiwan, Halloween has also become a good time for haunted parties and sexy lingerie shows.Some people will wear scary costumes such as devil and vampires, and some people choose to wear spoofed lingerie.

Christmas sex underwear show

Christmas is one of the largest festivals worldwide. For those who love sexy underwear, this is a perfect opportunity to show their sexy figure.Christmas sex underwear shows often have Christmas gifts, Christmas trees and other elements.The colors of meat, red, and green will also frequently appear in sexy lingerie clothing.

New Year sex underwear show

New Year is one of the festivals that everyone expects.There are often many very emotional elements in the New Year’s sexy underwear show, such as gradient stockings, wings, and so on.The color of the New Year’s sex underwear show is mostly golden, white and red.

Valentine’s Day Welling Underwear Show

Valentine’s Day is one of the festivals that are particularly suitable for showing sex underwear.Different from other sexy underwear shows, Valentine’s Day’s sexy underwear show is often slender but sexy, leaving a romantic feeling.There are often some classic elements, such as roses, heart shapes and so on.

Dragon Boat Festival Wet Underwear Show

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals in China, celebrating Qu Yuan.Now, Taiwanese people also combine traditional elements such as the Dragon Boat Festival party and sex lingerie show.The Dragon Boat Festival Funwear Show’s clothing is usually mainly blue, and it will be paired with some festive elements such as bamboo leaves and puppets.

Resurrection festival sex underwear show

Easter is a very important festival in Christianity to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.In Taiwan, Easter also shows some special significance: sex underwear show.Different from other sexy underwear shows, most of the costumes of the Easter Funwear Show will be mainly white, which will add many special elements of Easter, such as little rabbits.

Tanabata sex underwear show

The Qixi Festival is a romantic holiday. Many people choose to show their own sexy underwear in this special festival.In Taiwan, of course, it is no exception.Tanabata sex underwear show will be more softer and simple.

Mother’s Day Wet Underwear Show

Mother’s Day is a festival to celebrate the mother, and in Taiwan, Mother’s Day Wet Underwear Show is well deserved.This sexy underwear show allows people to show their curves and sexy.Most of the clothing shows of Mother’s Day Fun Underwear Show are mainly pink and purple, which is different from the sexy underwear shows of other festivals.


In addition to the above festivals, there are many other special festivals that can show sexy underwear, such as restoration festivals, Single Festival and so on.Regardless of which festival, sexy underwear show is a good opportunity to express itself.

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