Taiwan’s early sexy underwear show online

Taiwan’s early sexy underwear show online

In recent years, sexy underwear has received more and more attention and recognition globally, and has become a very fashionable and sexy clothing.But do you know that in Taiwan, as early as decades ago, there was a pioneer of sex underwear show?Let’s take a look at the situation of the early sex lingerie show in Taiwan!

Environment and background

In the early 1970s, Taiwanese society was in the process of rapid modernization, and the public had more material and mental needs.Healthy and good people also began to pursue a better and rich life.As a result, the sexy underwear show came into being and became an emerging way of entertainment.

Bold performance

In Taiwan, the sex lingerie show was relatively timid and shy at the beginning, but as the needs of the audience increased, the performance became more and more open and bold.Some models began to take off their underwear naked, and even performed explicit sex, which caused many people’s controversy.At that time, the official regulatory authorities tried to rectify, but most activities were not affected.

Become part of the early game show

By the 1980s, Taiwan’s sexy lingerie show gradually evolved into part of the game show.The host and the audience lottery from the lottery was rewarded or punished, and the models were constantly changing the matching and styles of underwear to satisfy the audience’s expectations and preferences.

Rectification and legalization

By 1993, the Taiwan authorities implemented new entertainment regulations to rectify and legalize the sex underwear show.At this time, the positioning of the underwear show also changed: it is no longer just for entertainment, but it has become a platform to display underwear and fashion.The performance style of the models is also more elegant and artistic, and the design of the underwear is more and more focused on aesthetics and aesthetics.

Development trend and status quo

So far, the sexy underwear show has become one of the cultural traditions of Taiwan’s characteristics, and has been welcomed and loved by many people.Some brands even organize sexy underwear shows as important channels for underwear release and promotion.In the Taiwan underwear industry and fashion industry, sexy underwear is no longer an illegal or indecent item, but has become a daily taste and attitude towards life.

Frequently changeable design

In Taiwan’s sexy underwear show, the design form is very rich and diverse, including a variety of designs such as pajamas, underwear, bra, and stockings.In terms of color, not only classic black and red, but also multiple colors such as pink and purple.Which style is paired with, which color, and what kind of feeling and which occasion, etc. are key elements.

Improve women’s self -confidence

The underwear show is not only to show beauty and fashion, it also has deeper significance: improving women’s own self -confidence.Through the erotic underwear show, women can show their bodies more beautiful and charming, and self -confidence and self -esteem are easier to improve.

Encourage freedom personality expression

The sexy underwear show provides women with a platform to show freedom and express self.Different designs, styles and styles show different aesthetics and tastes of women, which can reflect their own style and temperament.


The emergence and development of sexy underwear shows is not only an entertainment method, but also the crystallization of fashion and culture.It reflects the background and needs of an era, representing a pursuit of physical beauty, interest, and self -improvement.In our daily life, try the sexy underwear show and feel the surprises and happiness it brings!

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