Taobao Fatty Instead

Conscience merchants exist, buy fat people’s sexy underwear

Interesting underwear has always been the beautiful "weapon" of girls, but the honeycomb scenery. Today, Taobao stores are also working hard to change the situation and launch various styles, various color models of fat, sexy underwear, large -size sexy underwear to satisfy different body lovers.need.Starting today, let’s take you to understand Taobao’s large -size sexy underwear.

1. How to choose a fatty sex underwear

Before choosing a fat man’s erotic underwear, you should first understand the characteristics of your body and make tailoring.Especially people with high breasts, you can choose sexy underwear containing operating clusters.

2. Different styles of underwear are suitable for girls with different temperament

Fatty sexy underwear must not only fit together, but also in line with their own temperament, so that women can show the beauty of women.If you are enthusiastic about girls, you can choose a more sexy underwear on the edge, and girls with cold temperament can choose a soft sexy underwear.

3. Women want elegance, color tone is also the key

In terms of color tone, sexy underwear is very important.For example, the more sunny hue, we will naturally have a more enthusiastic atmosphere, while the dark tone will show elegant and calm characteristics.

4. The details are extraordinary, exaggerated but feminine

In terms of design, the details are the top priority.For example, sexy lace or low -key coloring elements can always leave a dazzling impression.At the same time, add some exaggerated elements to the detail design, and it is feminine.

5. Character choice, comfortable to enjoy

No matter the style, color, etc. are fine, when cleaning and obtaining the correct style, the key depends on the texture.Especially for the sense of dressing of sexy underwear, the texture needs to pay attention to the softness and breathability, and it will bring a comfortable and graceful touch for girlfriends.

6. Small way to maintain sexy underwear

In order to make sexy underwear better play, it is necessary to maintain regularly.For example, when cleaning, you need to pay attention to temperature and method. When using cleaning agents, you should also pay attention to the quality.At the same time, pay attention to the help of removing the beer belly, and pay attention to the texture while removing the beer belly.

7. Private customization, mainly cover

Sexy underwear is a very personalized product. Different combinations and styles have different supplements and optimizations for everyone’s image.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose private customization.Before private matching, you can start with the focus of style, color, etc., and customize according to specific requirements.It is best to make a good style in advance for the layers of the texture.

8. Look at the tips of red pornographic underwear

Red is one of the colors of sexy underwear commonly used by girls. It is easy for us to find red sexy underwear in Taobao or physical stores, but you need to pay attention to whether the texture is appropriate when buying.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must look at the quality of the texture first. After all, the sexy underwear texture does not pass, and the skin and body size will be greatly affected.

9. Big breasts must -have

For big breasts, the choice of erotic underwear is particular.In the color, the color is based on white and pink. Try to use the horizontal stall underwear with horizontal gear. The low -cut underwear with a width hem is also a sacred product.

10. Viewpoint: Conscience merchants exist, fat people’s sexy underwear market needs to be developed

With the development of various causes of society, the concept of women’s underwear has gradually changed, and women of different body shapes have more choices in the choice of sexy underwear.Of course, the development of fat people’s sex underwear market still needs to be grasped and developed.While releasing market potential, conscience merchants also need to pay attention to the unreasonable status of the fatty underwear market, and strive to be more reasonable and exquisite in product design.

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