Taobao hides sexy underwear

Taobao hides sexy underwear, do you know?

In the retail market, sex underwear has always been a product that has attracted much attention.However, on China’s e -commerce platform, sexy underwear is regarded as a "sensitive" product.Although Taobao is one of the most popular e -commerce platforms in China, Taobao’s policies in sexy underwear have frustrated many merchants.

Why does Taobao hide sexy underwear?

Taobao allows selling sexy underwear on its platform, but it has very special requirements for this product.For example, merchants must abide by a series of strict regulations that product pictures must be reviewed to be available, and false information must be used to avoid controversy caused by public morality.

Sex underwear becomes Taobao’s "sensitive" product

It is difficult to find related products to search for related sexy underwear on Taobao Mall, because Taobao attributed such products to the "sensitive" category.This makes sexy underwear merchants unable to publicize their products, which is a very unfair treatment.

The status of sexy underwear on Taobao

The status of sexy underwear on Taobao is not high because they are difficult to find.Merchants must use some techniques, such as accurate keywords and product descriptions to highlight their products.

The advantages and disadvantages of Taobao sex underwear

Although Taobao’s policies for sexy underwear are very harsh, Taobao, as one of China’s most large -scale e -commerce platforms, can provide merchants with high -quality services, such as advertising, Taobao through traffic and other promotion methods.

Existing problem

Due to Taobao’s restrictions on sexy underwear, some merchants choose to transfer from Taobao to other platforms, such as Tmall or has caused Taobao’s business to a certain degree of losses, and at the same time, some consumers are confused and overwhelmed.

Is it good for Taobao to restrict sex underwear?

Taobao’s restrictions on sexy underwear may cause some inconvenience to consumers, but this is also a measure taken by Taobao in maintaining a public image.The implementation of this policy ensures that consumers’ shopping experience on Taobao has always maintained good and healthy.

What should a merchant do?

Although the positioning of sexy underwear is considered to be a more sensitive product, merchants can still promote products in other ways.For example, use social media platforms to promote, advertise for potential customers through Taobao through Taobao, etc.

in conclusion

Although Taobao has some restrictions on sexy underwear, many merchants can still use other ways to sell their products.More importantly, this policy does have its necessity in some ways to ensure consumers’ shopping experience on Taobao.Successful e -commerce platforms should not only promote all legal products, but also need to ensure the user’s shopping experience. This is a sound and sustainable platform.

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