Taobao search for fun underwear does not leave records

Paragraph 1: Introduction

As a special underwear, sexy underwear has been welcomed by women in recent years.However, due to its more private attributes, you need to leave a purchase record when buying sexy underwear on Taobao and other e -commerce platforms.This can’t help but feel uneasy.So, how to make Taobao search for sex underwear without records?Here are several simple and easy methods.

Section 2: Use stealth mode search

Open the browser of stealth mode, enter Taobao, and then search for sex underwear.Because the stealth mode will empty all browsing records and caches, even if you search for sexy underwear on Taobao will not leave any records.

3rd paragraph: search for no trace mode

Some browsers also provide a traceless mode, similar to the stealth mode, and you can leave any browse records.You only need to enter the browser’s no trace mode, and then open the Taobao app for searching for sexy underwear, you can rest assured to buy it.

Paragraph 4: Use a privacy browser

In order to better protect personal privacy, there are also browser applications specifically used to hide browse records on the market.These browsers are encrypted and stored all the user’s search records and stored them in the app, which will not stay in a personal computer, thereby avoiding the leakage of all records.

Paragraph 5: Clear cookies and cache

Taobao records the user’s browsing history through information such as COOKIES and cache of the browser, so removing this information can avoid leaving records.Users only need to enter the browser settings to remove the history of the browser and cookies.

Section 6: Use other network search engines

Of course, Taobao is not the only shopping platform.If you don’t want to search for sexy underwear on Taobao, you can also use other network search engines, such as Sogou, Baidu, etc. to search for sexy underwear.

Seventh paragraph: Divide

If you are worried that under the same Taobao account, the browsing records left when buying sexy underwear will affect the recommendation of other products, you can also use avatar.Register a brand new account on Taobao, separate from the previous account, and use the new account to search and buy in sex underwear.

Eighth paragraph: Use the proxy server

The proxy server can help users hide their real IP addresses and browser types to avoid leaving records.Users can choose a more reliable proxy server, and then search and buy in sex underwear after starting the agent.

Section 9: Summary

In summary, if you are worried that Taobao search sexy underwear will leave records, you can use one or more methods to prevent it.When using a proxy server, pay attention to choosing a reliable agent to improve shopping safety.But in general, the above methods cannot be 100 % guaranteed to ensure that privacy is not leaked.To buy sex underwear carefully, choose regular sexy underwear merchants, and ensure personal privacy and safety.

Section 10: Views

In the Internet era, privacy leaks have become an increasingly prominent problem.For our own privacy, we need to take some measures to protect our personal information, but we cannot relax the supervision of merchants.I hope that Taobao and other merchants can pay more attention to the privacy of customers, take stricter security measures, and truly achieve customer privacy information security and reliable.

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