Taobao sex underwear model does not show face

Taobao sex underwear model: Why not show your face?

The sexy underwear on Taobao is different from the existence in the physical store. They only display them in front of the buyer in the form of photos.As we all know, these photos are more completed by models in Taobao.The shooting method of Taobao sex underwear models is a bit different.Why do Taobao sex underwear models generally do not show their faces?

Brand confidentiality

Sexy underwear is a private product. Consumers generally pay more attention to their confidentiality when buying.Brands may worry that the brand’s image will be damaged and will create a bad impression for consumers.When the brand does not know the identity of the model, it will be more likely to control the model to leak relevant information.

Life security risk

Because sexy underwear is a special clothing, the model may need to cooperate with the product style to complete a more special performance. It may be necessary to perform high -risk shooting such as semi -naked performances. If you accidentally expose the identity of the model, it will also bring a lot of security to security.Hidden dangers.

Career protection

Some Taobao sex underwear models regard this job as part -time, and they may not want to be recognized, so as not to affect their daily work and study in real life.What’s more, some consumers even follow such models to disturb their lives, and models may be difficult to bear these external pressures.

Consumer demand

The consumer groups in Taobao are different from physical stores. Most of them are online payment to complete the purchase.Models can expand their online personal brands, but they can ensure that they will not restrict each other in real life.Consumers will not accept it because of the appearance of the model.

Better attention

If Taobao sex lingerie models focus on the performance of the body part, you can attract the audience’s sight to the product without being dispersed by the charm of the model itself.This helps sell sexy underwear and increase product sales.

Difficulty in protecting the image

When the model performed very well, it will transfer people’s attention from the product, which is definitely not what Taobao sex lingerie model wants to see.The goal is to display the product, not a model.Therefore, the way to hide the face is a way to protect the model image.

More people buy

Taobao sex underwear models may need to meet different needs of users, such as different body shapes and appearances to attract different users.In addition, if underwear models face too much external demand, it may eventually lead to different gender, and users of the age layer will be hindered when becoming a potential source.Therefore, the hiding of the face can show more users’ cores and stimulate higher desire to buy.

Good for brand promotion

A big brand has a lot to have a lot of sexy underwear models.If the models are exposed, they will disperse the attention of consumers, and there is not so much decentralized factors to launch a model separately.In this way, sexy underwear models can be widely promoted and truly achieve the purpose of brand promotion.


On Taobao’s sexual underwear models, people often think of protecting privacy and maintaining safety.However, this article explains this problem from many aspects such as brand confidentiality, occupational protection, consumer demand, better attention, difficulty in protecting image, more people buying, and beneficial to brand promotion.In summary, a faceless way can achieve the purpose of some brand promotion, which is an ideal way for merchants.

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