Taobao’s most common sexy underwear model


When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, various model photos are inevitable.The styles and characteristics of these models are different, some are popular, and some are not very popular.In this article, we will discuss the most common sexy underwear model on Taobao.

Youthful vitality

Such models are usually in their 20s, with youthful vitality and healthy appearance.They often wear sexy underwear full of youthful and sports elements, such as sports vest underwear and yoga pants.This type of model is very popular because they can resonate with young women.

Mature and charming

Compared with young, mature models pay more attention to temperament and charm.Their underwear styles are usually elegant, sexy and charm.Their photos are usually focused on high quality. The posture and expression in the photos are also very feminine, and they often leave a deep impression.

Pure and cute

Such models are usually about 20 years old and have a fresh, cute and playful appearance.They wear relatively rare underwear styles, such as socks, shoulder bras, brands, and no rare sexy lingerie styles to reflect freshness and personality.This type of model is very suitable for young women who pursue personality and trends.

Petite and cute

Such models are usually petite and sweet. They wear less small bra, pantyhose, lace lace style.They can often attract more attention, because their appearance and figure clearly reflect the feeling of fairy tales and dreams.

Tall tempera

Tall models are usually well -proportioned, with superb temperament and beautiful posture.It is recommended to match the sexy lingerie style of tight -body tops and hip -up pants and perspective styles to show a noble temperament, and also highlights the wonderful curve of the figure.

Big breasts

Large -breasted models usually wear sexy underwear with big bras, paid -offs, and other styles to highlight the advantages of the figure.These models are usually good at using color and personality.This type of model is very popular on Taobao because they can attract more attention.


Diversified models do not focus on any special temperament, mainly based on the design, details and materials of sexy underwear.Their sexy lingerie styles they wear are relatively diverse and are not limited by their personal temperament.

Network celebrity

This type of model is usually online celebrities, and they participate in the shooting of online stores as online celebrities.They usually wear a single sexy underwear to express their network image as much as possible.

Lean long

This type of model, compared to tall beauties, has a slender figure and a lighter weight. Each dress is thin and tightly worn, and even ordinary pajamas enter the park.attitude.

Flesh -sensitive appearance

This type of model has a full figure and a strong sense of meat. The sexy lingerie styles they wear are usually more biased towards the style of fat.That is to show a healthy and obese body, showing a natural and beautiful style.

in conclusion

The above is the most common type of sexy underwear model on Taobao.Of course, these types are just a basic classification of models.Sometimes models can also be combined, such as mature and large breast types, pure and petite and cute types. Therefore, when buying sexy underwear on Taobao, we should not only pay attention to the model itself, but should pay more attention to the quality of sexy underwear.Style and material, so as to buy underwear that suits you.

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